‘Youth is good’ Tireless pitching instincts…lefty’s rookie clock is set to break 100 innings

Yoon Young-chul (19) of the KIA Tigers is rotating through the starting rotation in his rookie season.

Six games into the season, he is on a roll. He seemed to hit a professional wall in his KBO debut on April 15 against the Gochuk Kiwoom, giving up five runs on four hits (one home run) and four walks in 3⅔ innings with two strikeouts, but has gone 2-0 in his last five games. He has pitched five innings in four consecutive games, from April 27 against the Gwangju NC Dinos to the Daegu Samsung Lions on April 17. The results were all three earned runs or less 메이저사이트. These are the kind of results that don’t deviate too far from the “5 innings, 3 earned runs” that KIA has been aiming for this season when they included Yoon in the starting rotation.

However, there are concerns with Yoon. While Yoon averages 4⅔ innings per game, he also averages 85.3 pitches per game. In his starts, he throws 18.1 pitches per inning. With an average fastball that sits in the low 130s, his pitches are often cut by hitters and he often throws more pitches per at-bat, so his innings-to-pitch ratio is a bit higher than a pitcher who throws the same number of pitches. KIA has adjusted Yoon’s innings pitched to match his weighted pitch count. The stress of being a starter from his debut season is also a factor that can add to the mental and physical strain.

In response, KIA manager Kim Jong-guk said, “When I saw Samsung’s pitching earlier, the vertical movement of the fastball was good.” He added, “In addition to the fact that the pitching schedule was made due to the cancellation of the rainy season, I don’t feel any pressure on myself in terms of physical strength.” “It’s not something that I can say right now,” he said, referring to the two-month break most starting pitchers take after the start of the season. “It’s not something that I can say right now,” he said.

Lee, 21, who made his debut in 2021 and immediately moved into the starting rotation, threw 94⅔ innings in 19 games that year. Kia began to control Lee’s pitch count in the second half of the season. A combination of nail and ankle injuries late in the season ultimately led to Lee finishing the season with less than 100 innings pitched.

“If Yoon finishes the season with his current form, I think it will be around 100 innings,” Kim said. “He’s a pitcher who always goes to the mound thinking about five innings and three runs,” Kim said. “If he fills up the innings on the scoreboard and increases the number of games, he’ll probably need to be managed along those lines.”

Halfway through the season, Yoon’s opponents are ready for him. Managing his stamina in the hot weather will also be a factor. Yoon’s challenge to complete a full season of starts in his debut could be just beginning.

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