You are a true warrior,” coach Jorge, dedicated to Teixeira with a bandage

UFC)Hill, who suffered a head wound, also went to the hospital, but Teixeira’s condition was seemingly much worse. Director Jorge Guimaraes, who went to the hospital with her, praised him by posting ‘Tesseira’s face 헤라카지노

wrapped in bandages’ on his Instagram . “This is Teixeira. She is a true warrior and the greatest person on earth. The world needs more people like you. A warrior sheds blood, but overflows with honor.” Teixeira is 43 years old. The oldest light heavyweight champion at age 42, he once again tried for the title at UFC 283. However, he was beaten by Hill, a 12-year-old youngster of the same age. It was a game that should have been finished in the second or at the latest in the third, but Teixeira did not give up even though she was bleeding and constantly getting hit, so she completed all rounds up to the fifth. All three judges scored it 50-44, and it was a one-sided match, with 192 heels and 54 Teixeira fists exchanged until the 4th inning. It was a lost game anyway, and he didn’t have the strength to turn it over, but Teixeira finished the last ‘Twilight Match’ with unyielding fighting spirit. All he was left with was a scarred face and a $50,000 ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus. However, he remained as a ‘great warrior’ in the hearts of the fans, as director Horue said. (International Press)

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