Yonex, ‘Lee Yong-dae is alive’, challenges 2 consecutive victories in thrilling come-from-behind competition

 Yonex and the Armed Forces Sports Corps are competing for the top of the men’s division of the Passion Badminton League.

Yonex won the match score 3-1 in the semi-finals against Samsung Life in the men’s division of the ‘2023 Passion Korea Badminton League’ held at Pocheon General Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 8th.

As a result, Yonex reconfirmed that it is the ‘Samsung Life Insurance Killer’ after defeating Samsung Life Insurance in the finals of last year’s invitational competition and aiming for the championship for the second year in a row.

Yonex will have a final match against the Armed Forces Sports Unit at 3:00 pm on the 9th.

Like the preview final, an interesting match between the new and old national team unfolded from the first match (doubles). Kang Min-hyeok and Kim Won-ho of Samsung Life were born in 1999 and have worked together for a long time in the national team as well as in their team.

Against this, Yonex Kim Jae-hyeon (21) and Jin Yong (20) are growing into future resources in the national team. In the confrontation between the seniors and juniors of the national team, there was no younger brother like the older brother.

Kang Min-hyeok and Kim Won-ho struggled a little with their juniors’ spirit in the first set, but won 19-17 after a close match of deuce. Kang Min-hyeok and Kim Won-ho, who succeeded in overpowering the starter, took the second set and finished the match with a score of 15-10.

The two-match singles match was also a national team senior-junior match. Contrary to the first doubles, Jeon Hyeok-jin (28) of Yonex was the leader and senior of the domestic men’s singles, and Samsung Life’s Choi Ji-hoon (21) was a promising junior. This senior was also strong. Jeon Hyuk-jin succeeded in turning the defeat of the 1st doubles to the starting point. Jeon Hyuk-jin, who took the first set 15-11, took the lead in the second set by one step above his performance and cooked comfortably with his juniors 15-7.

In a three-match doubles match, Lee Yong-dae (37)-Lee Sang-min (24) and Jung Jae-wook-Park Kyung-hoon met. Lee Yong-dae, who is still showing off his skills even after his retirement from the national team, was also the highlight. Yonex, which had the best harmony between veteran Lee Yong-dae’s seasoned beauty and young blood Lee Sang-min’s spirit, was virtually overwhelmed.

Lee Yong-dae and Lee Sang-min, who had a 6-1 lead at the beginning of the first set and had a premonition of victory, started happily with a score of 15-11, avoiding the opponent’s pursuit. This momentum was unwavering in the second set. Lee Yong-dae and Lee Sang-min made active use of switch play in the second set, alternating the front and rear positions appropriately. Lee Yong-dae and Lee Sang-min were chased 14-12 at one point in the second half of the second set, but finished with 15-12 with their last concentration advantage.

The 4-match singles match was even more interesting. Heo Kwang-hee (28) of Samsung Life Insurance was the mainstay of the national team’s men’s singles until last year’s Tokyo Olympics. Against this, Yonex Kim Tae-rim (19) is a rookie who joined Yonex this year after graduating from high school.

From experience and know-how, Heo Kwang-hee’s easy victory was expected, but when he opened the lid, it was not. Kim Tae-rim, who had a reputation as the strongest in high school during his days at Jeonju Life Science High School, was like a ‘one-day dog ​​who doesn’t know how to be afraid of a tiger’ in the first set. 스포츠토토

With his youthful power and speed, he drove the big senior, Heo Kwang-hee, and laughed first with 15-12.

Kim Tae-rim returned the game to the starting point by giving the second set 8-15, but completed the biggest surprise of the day with a dramatic 11-9 victory in the last 3 sets. The previous match was ‘there was no older brother’, but Kim Tae-rim proudly overturned the stereotype.

In the women’s division, KGC Ginseng Corporation and Samsung Life Insurance are competing for the top of the women’s division of the Passion Badminton League.

Samsung Life Insurance defeated Pocheon City Hall in the women’s semifinals held earlier with a match score of 3-1. Samsung Life competes for the top against KGC Ginseng Corporation, which landed first in the finals.

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