‘Yeonhyeon – Jecheon, Suncheon Palma – Men’, ‘Jungang – Haram, Gyeonghae – Gyeongnam’ completed the quarter-finals

The Boys’ Games has completed its quarter-final schedule.

The 52nd National Boys’ Sports Games (hereinafter referred to as the Boys’ Games), held in Ulsan Metropolitan City on the 27th, held its quarter-final matches on the 28th. The teams that advanced through the preliminary matches on the 27th completed the main competition schedule.토토사이트

In the South Central match at Ulsan First Go, Suncheon Palma Middle School, representing Jeollanam-do, was the first to reach the quarter-finals with a shutout win over Kyungbuksa Daebu Middle School, representing Daegu. Yeon Hyun Joong then followed up the previous day’s victory by defeating Kumho Joong 2-1 in straight sets. The men’s team also reached the semi-finals with a shutout win over Inha Sa Daebu, while Jecheon Jung won in straight sets over Eonyang Jung.

In the semi-finals, Gyeonggi-do’s Yeon Hyun-joong and Chungbuk’s Jecheon-joong will face off against Suncheon Palma and Jeonbuk’s Namdong-joong.

At the same time, the boys’ U13 matches at Ulsan Sungwang Girls’ High School ended in shutouts, with Cotton Mokcho beating Indongcho and Uirimcho beating Munjeongcho to reach the quarter-finals. In the following matches, Suncheon Daeseok and Tongyeong secured the remaining semi-final tickets by defeating Oga and Eonyang respectively. In the quarter-finals, Gyeongnam’s Tongyeong will meet Uirim in Chungbuk, and Seoul’s Cottonmuck will meet Suncheon Daeseok in Jeonnam.

The girls’ U16 tournament was held at the Ulsan Namdong Elementary School gymnasium. Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School and Haram Girls’ Middle School defeated Geumcheon Girls’ Middle School and Bupyeong Girls’ Middle School, respectively, in straight sets 2-0. Gyeongnam Girls’ Middle School defeated Mokpo Romance Club, while Jungang Girls’ Middle School defeated Wolpyeong Middle School in a shutout to reach the quarter-finals. Seoul Jungang Girls’ Middle School, Gangneung Haram Middle School, Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School and Gyeongnam Girls’ Middle School will play for the final ticket.

The girls’ U13 tournament at the Ulsan Jungang Girls’ Gymnasium also ended in a shutout. Tongyeong Yuyoung defeated Sanseong, Pohang Yangdeok defeated Okcheon, Chungmu defeated Pajang, and Saha defeated Nambu to reach the quarter-finals. The semi-finals will pit Saha against Pohang Yangdeok and Tongyeong Yuyoung against Chungmu.

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