Yang Jun-hyeok-Lee Dae-ho Next… Third number 10 permanently canceled already reserved

Oh Ji-hwan of the LG Twins succeeded in signing a mammoth-level contract worth 12.4 billion won in total for 6 years, effectively signing a lifetime contract with LG. Oh Ji-hwan, who is highly likely to become a LG legend, is likely to be honored with a permanent absence.

Oh Ji-hwan, who had worn number 10 since his debut, expressed his determination to become a permanent number 10.

Oh Ji-hwan joined the team in 2009 as the first choice and has been wearing the LG uniform for 15 years until this season. Since the six-year contract is in progress from next season, Oh Ji-hwan will play as an LG player for 21 years until 2029.

If he plays well until 2029, he can of course dream of a permanent absence. So far, LG’s permanent numbers are 41 Kim Yong-su, 9 Lee Byeong-gyu, and 33 Park Yong-taek.

Oh Ji-hwan said, “This is my 15th year. Having played for 15 years in one team, I thought about permanent retirement, and I thought about what to do to make it come true, and I also thought about the possibility of being able to do it.” said hope for

Oh Ji-hwan actually considered the possibility of a permanent retirement while thinking about his career record. Oh Ji-hwan played a total of 1,624 games for 14 years until last year, recording a batting average of .265, 1,466 hits, 146 homers, and 745 RBIs.

The target that can be compared seems to be No. 33 Park Yong-taek. Park Yong-taek played in 2237 games in total, posting a batting average of 308, 2504 hits, 213 homers and 1192 RBIs.

If he plays 614 games for the remaining 7 years of his contract, with 1039 hits, 68 homers and 448 RBIs, he will surpass all records of Park Yong-taek. Every year he has to go 88 games, 148 hits, 10 home runs and 64 RBIs. As he gets older, the number of games played will decrease and the records will decrease accordingly, but if Oh Ji-hwan completes the remaining 7 seasons, it is natural that he will have enough qualifications to become a permanent absence.

Oh Ji-hwan said he would make a permanent absence by adding the championship to this. Oh Ji-hwan showed a strong will, saying, “He wants to win several championships before retiring.”

Oh Ji-hwan changed his number frequently after joining the club. He wore the number 9 in his debut, then switched to the number 7, number 52 and number 2, and has been playing in the number 10 ever since signing his first free agent contract. 메이저놀이터

The number Oh Ji-hwan wanted from the beginning was number 10. Oh Ji-hwan said, “I wanted to wear number 10 since my debut, but it didn’t come to me because my seniors were wearing it.”

He got better in both defense and offense after wearing number 10, and since he even received the Golden Glove last year, number 10 is a blessing for him. Of course, if Oh Ji-hwan’s number were to be permanently deleted, it would be number 10.

So far, 10 of the permanent absences are two. Samsung Lions Yang Jun-hyeok and Lotte Giants Lee Dae-ho. Of the all-time permanent absences, there have been only 10 times where the same permanent number has been played by both teams.

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