Woo Sang-hyuk returns with a trophy, challenges the golden goal of ‘Dream 2m38’

Woo Sang-hyuk’s smile stood out even more in front of the diamond trophy. Now it’s the Asian Games. Woo Sang-hyuk goes beyond the gold medal and challenges his dream record.

Woo Sang-hyuk, holding the trophy, responded to the pouring applause with his signature smile.

[Woo Sang-hyuk/National high jump athlete: Wow, how is that possible? I never imagined winning, it was just a dream. I am happy that I have achieved one of my childhood dreams.] This is

the final competition where only the top 6 are invited out of 13 competitions where only world-class athletes participate.메이저사이트

Contrary to expectations, he did not win even once in every competition he participated in this season, so this experience of standing on top of the podium served as the best foundation for Woo Sang-hyuk, who is ahead of a series of big competitions.

[Woo Sang-hyuk/National high jump team in track and field: I think I need to win this time to be a little more motivated… I thought I had to do something to feel good about next year’s Paris (Olympic Games) or the Asian Games right in front of me in order to feel good about myself.]

In order to jump a few centimeters higher, Woo Sang-hyuk had to endure an unimaginable amount of time.

[Woo Sang-hyuk/National high jump athlete: I don’t eat Korean food at all. When you eat it, it reminds you of the scary taste. We only see with our eyes. Just watch it as a mukbang… ]

But as the results came, enduring the pain became a different kind of fun.

[Woo Sang-hyuk/National high jump team in track and field: I think it’s more fun to encounter new routines and new methods, and new challenges stimulate me a little more and make me look forward to it.] Woo Sang-hyuk’s

best record this season (2.35) is behind Barsim’s (2.36). Although it is 1cm short, considering the recent upward trend, it is not impossible to surpass the silver medal five years ago and achieve the ‘dream goal’ of 2m38cm.

[Video coverage/Bang Geuk-cheol: Video editing Kim Dong-hoon, video graphics Kim Young-jin and Jang Hee-jeong] I won a silver medal at the Asian Games, so I want to win a gold medal. It’s not that hard. I will do my best until the end.

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