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Participated in 30 competitions, top 10 13 times, runner-up 3 times. On the 9th, at the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open (total prize money of 800 million won), Lee Ye-won lifted the championship cup with a final total of 6 under par 282 strokes, which was the record that Lee Ye-won had recorded until just before winning.

Of course, there were many reactions from golf fans saying, ‘I will do it someday’ because of her rookie of the year award, but not many predicted Lee Ye-won’s victory in her first tournament in her second year (2023).

In an interview with this magazine, Lee Ye-won, who held the championship cup, which was so unexpected and desperate for the player himself, said, “There was no special secret to winning.”

– Surprisingly won the Lotte Rent-a-Car Women’s Open, what was the reaction from the people around you?

It didn’t go well last year, but it was really fortunate that I was able to solve it in the first tournament this year, and people around me encouraged me a lot.

– He overcame his first professional season in which he placed second only twice, and won the championship cup that seemed almost out of reach. Are there any changes in the second year, such as equipment or routines?

Lee Ye-won) Nothing has changed. As always, I continued to participate in the competition, and it seems that there were good results. Many fans must have been curious, but unfortunately, there were no significant changes to the equipment or routine. 

– Is it a change of mindset? 

Lee Ye-won) There was no such thing as a change in mindset, as it was the first tournament in 2023.

– It wouldn’t have been easy not to be nervous, but it’s a really great performance. How many points would you like to give to your skills at the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open?

Lee Ye-won) 8 points. It was largely attributable to making unnecessary mistakes in the latter half of the tournament and reducing the number of strokes in the 4th round (1 over par).

It was a somewhat unexpected answer, but I could see why he made a ‘mistake that he shouldn’t have made’ in the questions that followed.

– There must have been a mistake, but there must have been a ‘lucky hole’ that made you feel the victory?

Lee Ye-won) It was the 14th hole of the last 4 rounds. Because it was the front pin, the position of the pin was very tight, but I continued to play safe there, so I lost some strokes. In fact, the reason why I gave 8 points in the previous question was the influence of this safe play.

Yewon Lee) In order not to lose any more strokes, I tried an adventure in that hole, but my idea matched well and I made a birdie. After that, the flow changed, and with the remaining holes (four), I thought, ‘Oh, this could be a win?’

It was a horrifying answer.

2nd place is in close pursuit. Even though it was not easy to venture boldly in a situation where one stroke was at stake, Lee Ye-won changed the flow with his own abilities. From his answer, we could get a glimpse of the bold judgment that a winner should have. 토토사이트

Even so, Lee Ye-won was not satisfied yet.

– What are your weaknesses and strengths in self-assessment?

Lee Ye-won) “I don’t have much to say about the advantages, but

“However, I have something to say about my weakness. I think my weakness is the mid-distance and short game (around the green). For this, I have practiced putting a lot at various distances. I think I tried to play a lot of different lies”

(Do you still think it’s a weakness?) “It’s still similar. It’s better than before, but I think it’s far from perfect. In fact, MBTI is ESTJ (Extroverted-Sensing) -I wonder if the aspect of thinking-judging type) has an effect on this.”

Unexpectedly, the story of MBTI (personality type) broke out, and the interview switched from ‘professional Lee Ye-won’ to ‘human Lee Ye-won’ questions. That’s it.

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