Who will sit on the empty throne ‘without a defending champion’?

The day before the tournament, the organizers hold a photo call event to boost the excitement of the upcoming tournament. Photocall events usually feature players representing tour events or those with special stories to tell. And there is one person that can never be left out, the winner from the previous year, the defending champion.스포츠토토

The last tournament of the first half of the 2023 KLPGA tour, the ‘Ever Collagen-The Siena Queen’s Crown 2023’, will be held at The Siena Country Club in Jeju for four days from the 13th.

Prior to the opening, a photo call event was held at the venue on the 12th, and a total of 5 players appeared. They were Park Min-ji, Park Ji-young, Lee Ye-won, Park Hyun-kyung, who are running 1st to 4th in prize money this season, and Bang Shin-sil, who was the first to win the championship trophy among rookies.

But for some reason, the throne where the queen (champion) would sit was empty with only the winning jacket placed. That meant the defending champion didn’t step up.

There is a situation here. The person who wore a crown on her head and kissed the scepter in this competition last year was Yuna.

Yun Ina, who appeared last year with an overwhelming driving distance, drew attention as a large prospect to lead the next generation of Korean women’s golf, and she exploded her potential by winning this tournament.

However, her joy was short-lived, and Yoon Ea’s unstoppable progress was put on hold due to the controversy over the ‘misplay’ that arose right after her victory. She received a three-year suspension from the Korean Golf Association (KGA) as well as the KLPGA, and she is currently self-isolating.

Yoon Eana, who sat on the throne last year, cannot step forward as a punishment. ⓒ KLPGA
The previous year’s champion is unable to step forward due to discipline, but the vacant throne awaits the birth of a new queen.

In particular, those who reached the top two times have in common that this competition was her first victory in her life. Jeon Ye-seong, the winner in 2021, achieved her first win in her second year as a professional in this competition, and Yun In-na last year was also her rookie status.

It is noteworthy that Kim Min-byeol, who has not yet won the championship, is getting closer to the star moment by placing second on two occasions, and Lee Ye-won, who competed with Yoon Na-na last year for the rookie of the year, will also challenge for a second win in her career.

If the venue is Jeju Island, Lee So-mi, who is especially excited, also aims for her 6th win in her career by adding the experience accumulated at the US Women’s Open, and Bang Shin-sil, who has been compared a lot to Yoon Na-na with her long hits, also wants to become her queen.

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