What the hell did ‘Chef Ryu Hyun-jin’ cook… Manoah even finished eating

Alec Manoa (25), who is no longer a young prospect, but is growing into a pitcher representing Toronto and the American League, said on his social network on the 20th (Korean time) I posted a picture on the service (SNS). The photo was full of Korean food, which aroused great curiosity among fans.안전놀이터

Manoa implied that he had a meal with Ryu Hyun-jin (36) by attaching the phrase “Chef Ryu Hyun-jin.” During his rookie days, Manoa drew a lot of attention from Korean fans by following Ryu Hyun-jin, who was the ace of the team, and asking many questions. In reality, Manoa follows Ryu Hyun-jin well, and Ryu Hyun-jin also takes care of Manoa. The ‘bromance’ between the two seems to be getting stronger and stronger.

In this spring training, the ‘bromance’ continues. Ryu Hyun-jin and Manoa had a good time talking about things they hadn’t shared before at dinner on the 20th. Ryu Hyun-jin cooked and served the food himself, and Manoa, who had been immersed in Korean food from before, was able to solve the dinner with a full stomach.

Manoa, whom we met on the 21st, laughed when he said that his Instagram photo became a hot topic in Korea and admitted, “I visited Ryu Hyun-jin’s house and had a meal together.” He then explained the menu (?) of ‘Chef Ryu Hyun-jin’ the day before, saying, “I ate ribs and spicy kimchi stew.”

Kimchi Jjigae is a menu that is not easy to control if you are not familiar with Korean food. However, it didn’t seem to be a problem for Manoa, who had already eaten kimchi stew several times. When asked, “Isn’t it too spicy?”, Manoa smiled and said, “Not at all. Perfect. It’s my favorite food.”

Ryu Hyun-jin, who invited Manoa, also confirmed that Manoa’s words were true, saying, “I ate kimchi stew and ribs. (Manoah) really likes kimchi stew,” and “I also eat rice with kimchi stew.”

The two players were the axes that led the Toronto rotation firmly until 2021. However, when Ryu Hyun-jin underwent elbow ligament reconstruction surgery (Tommy John surgery) in June 2022, a distance was created. In the meantime, Manoa is opening his heyday, rising to third place in the American League Cy Young Award with an outstanding record of 16-7 and an average ERA of 2.24 in 31 games last year.

If Manoa maintains this record and Ryu Hyun-jin successfully returns in the second half as scheduled, Toronto’s starting rotation can become the strongest in the American League Eastern Division. Considering Ryu Hyun-jin, who will qualify as a free agent (FA) after this season, it is unknown how many days the two brothers will be together as teammates. Both players show good results in the second half, and attention is focusing on whether the taste of kimchi stew can be added.

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