What kind of existence is Ronaldo in the media?

Cristiano Ronaldo (38. Al Nasr) is one of the best star players in world football in the 21st century, along with Lionel Messi (36. Paris Saint-Germain). Therefore, his ‘every move’ arouses interest. In this regard, Korean soccer fans cannot be an exception. In particular, after Ronaldo left the European league stage, which was his main stage of activity, and transferred to Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr in Asia in December of last year, such interest increased even more. This soon appears in the form of competitive media reports, and domestic football is often pushed back.먹튀검증

If so, is such a phenomenon really desirable? Not in a word. Currently, soccer fans have a negative perception of Ronaldo that has not faded. The reason is due to the ‘no show’ problem caused by a domestic friendly match between the K-League selection team and Italian Serie A Juventus in July 2019. At this time, Ronaldo did not participate in the game, as well as the customary media interview, and the team arrived 1 hour and 30 minutes before the match rule, and delayed the game due to traffic weight, receiving strong criticism from fans.

Nonetheless, Ronaldo remained silent and raised the issue of character that he deserves as a world-class star player. In addition, Ronaldo once again revealed his bad relationship with Korean football by causing controversy over swearing at Korean players at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. If so, Ronaldo was once just a world-class star player in Korean football, but he is not a player who will pay attention to the extent that domestic football is being pushed back. Of course, the attention that the media is pouring into is understandable. 

It is because Ronaldo has no choice but to keep in mind the match against the K-League team in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League due to Al Nasr. However, this is only the media’s interest in the advent of the realistic problem of winning the game, and nothing more can be done. Ronaldo has not helped Korean soccer in the meantime, and it is not very likely that he will help in the future. If so, the phenomenon of domestic soccer being ignored by the media due to Ronaldo must now put an end to it. 

Currently, in Korean soccer, elementary, middle, and high school amateur competitions are being held in various regions across the country, and the K-League will also open on the 25th, demanding more attention from soccer fans than ever before. Therefore, the role and responsibility of the media cannot be overemphasized. Indeed, no matter how much the media can’t ignore the ‘fan spirit’ for Ronaldo, now is definitely the time to focus their attention on the ‘fan spirit’ for the development of Korean football. To be sure, there is no need to know even the details of Ronaldo’s private activities even if domestic soccer fans have a high ‘fan heart’ for Ronaldo. 

Indeed, the media’s all-in attitude towards Ronaldo’s ‘every move’ is not helpful to Korean soccer. In the meantime, Korean football continues to develop by arousing ‘fan spirit’ in the media’s great interest, and a number of overseas players have also established a status of rising to the 25th in the FIFA rankings. are doing 

Son Heung-min (31. Tottenham Hotspur) scored his 5th goal against West Ham United in the 24th round of the EPL League in the 2022-2023 season, scoring a total of 98 goals. This is indeed a great performance compared to Ronaldo, who was ignored on the European stage. 

Obviously, soccer fans pay more attention to Son Heung-min’s big success than Ronaldo. Therefore, the media should not turn a blind eye to the reality of Korean football. Domestic soccer, both amateur and professional soccer, overcame the cold for about two months and completed winter training. Teams and players are looking at higher places. Here, if the media captures the vivid image of Korean football as a step toward finding the site, it is certain that the development of football will accelerate while the team and players are excited. 

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