‘What is frustration?’ Cheonan Ssangyong High School Ha Jae-hyung, injury can’t stop his ‘positive energy’

※ This interview was conducted at 3:00 pm on January 12, and was published in the February 2023 issue of Basket Korea webzine

. However, he underwent surgery on a fractured toe last November 2022, and is due to rehabilitate by February. It’s not a good situation. However, Ha Jae-hyung said, “It is a difficult time. On the contrary, he is motivated. He’s two or three times as hard as the other players, so he’ll catch up with them all. He responded positively, saying, “I am doing my best by doing what I can even now.” This positive power is the biggest driving force that Ha Jae-hyung has been able to grow up to now.

When did you start playing basketball?
I started playing basketball when I was in the second grade of elementary school. My hometown is Jeonju, so I fell in love with basketball after going to a KCC game with my dad. So I told my dad that I would play basketball, and the very next day he transferred to Songcheon Elementary School.

How did you fall in love with basketball?
I thought the pass was really appealing. So, I watched a lot of Kim Seung-hyun’s videos when I was young. It’s really fun, especially when you hit a nice A-pass. And when a shot is successful and the sound of the net is heard, there is a sense of pleasure.

How was it when you first started playing basketball?
It was really hard. I didn’t know it would be this hard. (Laughter) I did basic training and strength training every day. I regretted it, but I tried to work hard and now it’s so much fun.

Since when did you start running?
I have been running as a starting pitcher since I was in the 4th grade of elementary school. It’s just that at that time, there weren’t many hyungs up there, so I got a chance.

Where did you go to middle school?
After two years at Jeonju Nam Middle School, I transferred to Cheonan Sung Castle Middle School.

Why did you choose to transfer?
When I was in Jeonju Namjung, I had a practice match with Seongseongjung. Then, after the game, coach Seong Sung-joong offered me a scout. And I went to school.

What was the reason for choosing Seongseongjung?
The biggest reason I went to Seongseong Middle School was that I had never won a prize when I was in middle school. However, Sungjoong Seong liked the members at the time and decided to transfer after long consideration. So my mom and I live in Cheonan, and my dad comes to Cheonan on the weekends too.

What was your first impression?
After my second year of middle school, I transferred schools, so I didn’t have older brothers. I participated in winter training and it was really fun and I did well. During the practice competition, we all won.

Did you win a lot?
Unfortunately, there was no competition due to COVID-19. Even though I didn’t win, I played a lot of matches and winning matches every day gave me more confidence. Also, the coach was a point guard, so he taught me how to pass and shoot in detail. Other than that, he told me a lot of other things. I think I play basketball the most at that time. It was a very happy time for both the team and the individual.

After that, you went to high school
That was the hardest time in my basketball life. It took time to adjust to high school basketball. In middle school, I didn’t put much emphasis on weight, but in high school, when I practiced, I was pushed too far away from weight. It was especially difficult when I played against college students. So that’s when I started lifting weights in earnest. Conversely, I think I was most motivated at that time.

It’s a different story, but do you still keep in touch with your Jeonju male middle school friends?
Yes, we are still very close. I have many friends who have played basketball together since elementary school, so I have many memories. It wasn’t a big deal at the time, but we ate late-night snacks after exercising and played every day. Even now, I go to Jeonju every weekend and meet up with my friends often.

What do you mainly talk about?
Now that we are in high school, we talk about college a lot. Besides that, we talk a lot about basketball. We talk about schools and other schools.

Have you ever competed against your friends in a competition?
We met at the last fall competition. Then we won. I didn’t do extremely well, but I did quite well. (Laughter) So after the game, I laughed at my friends and teased them, saying, ‘You guys are only that.’

How are you?
In fact, after last season, my toe hurt so much that when I went to the hospital, I was told that my toe was fractured and I am in rehabilitation. He underwent surgery in November and is expected to return in early February. It was difficult at first because it was the first time I had been seriously injured like this, but now it’s much better. It was so frustrating not being able to exercise for a long time. (Laughter) Still, the coach also taught me weight exercises that don’t strain my toes, and he calls me often. Besides that, other team members often come and play with me. Thank you so much.

What does the coach usually talk about?
You talk a lot about bulking up. He tells me to bulk up and get back to the team quickly. (Laughter) Actually, I’m lying down all the time, so my body itches. Still, I tried to stay as still as possible in order to return as quickly as possible. I’m much better now, so I can lift weights. 먹튀검증

Do you do anything else?
I’m watching all the games I’ve played so far. Looking at it, I am trying to evaluate and fix it myself. I’m going to take notes on that part and try to fix it more diligently.

What did you miss?
There are too many cases where he dribbles and goes inside and shoots too much. will try to get rid of it If I’m a point guard on the team and an error is made, the atmosphere goes over to the opponent. But there were many times when I made mistakes at important moments. I will try to make fewer mistakes.

Conversely, what went well?
I think I was good at developing fast attacks and passing. And he doesn’t shoot a lot, but his 3-point shot isn’t bad either.

Are you nervous because of your injury?
Of course I’m nervous. Now other friends are practicing with the university and training hard. But I’m just rehabilitating. However, I plan to come back quickly and catch up by working two or three times harder than others. It’s a tough time, but you’re motivating yourself.

What are your goals for this season?
Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to win last year. So this time I want to win. Personally, I’m having a hard time because of my injury, but I want to come back as soon as possible and help the team.

Do you have any last words?
I want to say thank you to my family. I came this far thanks to my parents’ support. I also want to say thank you to my grandmother and grandfather. Every time I go, they give me something delicious and take care of me very much.

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