Westbrook, whose value has plummeted, is undecided

Utah Jazz’s Russell Westbrook (guard, 191cm, 91kg) has yet to decide where he will go.

According to The Athletic’s Shams Karania, he said the market isn’t interested in Westbrook.카지노사이트

ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarrowski then announced that Westbrook had received permission from Utah to decide where he would go. He was recently traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Utah Jazz. After the deal, he was expected to be on the market, but has not yet decided.

If he came to the market, it was believed that many clubs would be looking to sign him. However, the value of him has declined every year, and he has been quite sluggish in the last two seasons. In addition, secondary indicators are not good in many ways. It is assumed that the market temperature for Westbrook was not originally hot. The Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls are said to be interested, but no news has been released.

Westbrook is currently out of contract with Utah. It makes sense for Utah to not want to pay off the remainder of Westbrook’s contract. Westbrook needs concessions. There’s plenty of room for a breakup with a general release, but he’s not yet on the market. In other words, there is a lot of room to see that it is because there is not much interest in Westbrook yet.

It seems that Westbrook is also not willing to become a free agent. There is a big difference from Patrick Beverly and Reggie Jackson (Denver) who came to the market early. As much as that, it should be seen that there is not as much interest in Westbrook as originally expected. In addition to Chicago and Miami, the Los Angeles Clippers and Washington Wizards are also considered candidates to sign, but there is plenty to watch.

Even just looking at the Clippers, it seems that they are quite hesitant to give him the role. Recently, Nicholas Batum took his own example and said that if Westbrook joined, he would be able to play his part, but considering his poor performance until recently, it doesn’t seem easy to recruit him willingly. Being a team that already spends a lot, being cautious about their next move also has an impact.

He has appeared in 52 games for the Lakers this season. He posted 15.9 points (.417 .296 .655), 6.2 rebounds, 7.5 assists and 1 steal in 28.7 minutes per game. His scoring average has declined for four seasons in a row, and his playing time has declined. Nevertheless, it showed good productivity in several sectors. However, it is still showing limitations, such as not being good in terms of goal difference. 

Among them, the club that needs to secure a guard more urgently is Chicago. Chicago has not had Lonzo Ball back from an injury since midway through last season. It might be helpful if Westbrook joins in and fills a certain amount of time. Coach Billy Donovan, who worked with the Oklahoma City Thunder, is in charge, so it can help him adapt.

The Clippers and Miami already have a starting guard, so of course he has to come off the bench. However, it is doubtful whether the combination with the existing players will be good. The Clippers have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, and Miami have Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Although the type is different, it seems to be because there are elements that can collide with other teams as well as the Lakers were sluggish.

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