Watch out for Busan High School sophomore duo Lee Wonjun and Park Jaeyup

The big story in high school baseball this season is pitching and outfielders. There are a lot of good players in these positions.

In fact, there is so much pitching talent, both quantitatively and qualitatively, that the first and second rounds could be filled with players with a top velocity of just over 150 mph. The same goes for the outfielders, where there are plenty of good options, including Huhmungo Lee Seung-min and Duk-Su-go Baek Jun-seo. On the other hand, the catchers and infielders are not as good as last year.

But at least we won’t have to worry about that next year. That’s because good talents are waiting for them. In particular, even if Busan High graduates the duo of Won Sang-hyun and Sung Young-tak, there are first- and second-year players who have been in practice since this year, so there is reason to expect growth. The leader is the Lee Won-jun-Park Jae-yup duo.토토사이트

Lee Won-jun, who has already made a name for himself as a home run hitter through the Weekend League and the E-Mart Ship Tournament, was proudly selected as an all-star member of the High School Baseball vs. College Baseball All-Star Game to be held on the 6th of next month. He is only a sophomore, but his power comes from hard work. He’s already signed up for the Home Run Derby. He’s also versatile enough to play all outfield positions.

Busan High School coach Park Kye-won praised his pupil, saying, “He may have had a slow start in the Golden Lion, but is there anyone like him at the high school level?” Lee Won-jun is batting fourth despite being a sophomore. The sophomore is definitely looking forward to next year.

Catcher Park Jae-yeop is also a very good talent, especially since Lee Yul-ye (Gangneung High School) is a new rival who has emerged as a top-tier catcher for next season. His physical condition, hitting power, and basic defense are all at a high level. He’s even better than Ahn Joong-yeol, who has worn a catcher’s mask since his freshman year at Busan High School. For teams in need of a catcher, Park’s presence is a welcome one.

While there are many outstanding talents in high school baseball this year, there are also sophomores who claim that there is no need to worry about next year. That’s what makes the Busan High School duo so exciting.

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