“Very confident”… Qatar to offer Manchester United ‘debt-free bid’

The basis is confidence. Qatar Islamic Bank chairman Sheikh Jasim bin Hamad Al Thani, who is involved in the takeover of Manchester United, is said to be offering a ‘debt-free bid’.

The sale of Man United is imminent. The Glazer family, which reigned as Manchester United’s owners for 18 years from 2005, announced in November of last year that they were looking for ‘new investment opportunities’. Since then, Sir Jim Ratcliffe has immediately participated in the bid to buy Manchester United, and interest in it has been heated.

Qatar made the fire even bigger. On the 18th of last month (hereinafter referred to as Korea time), Chairman Al Thani confirmed that he had made a proposal to Manchester United through a statement sent to the British’Financial Times’, revealing his aspirations to “return Manchester United to its former glory both on and off the pitch.”

Recently I also visited Old Trafford. On the 16th, Mike Keegan, a reporter from the UK’s ‘Daily Mail’ and familiar with Manchester United news, said, “Qatari president Al Thani, who wants to buy Man United, has sent representatives to Manchester to have positive talks with club officials. They will proceed with a second bid. It is,” he said, saying that Qatar is working on the takeover with all its might. 스포츠토토

Meanwhile, Ratcliffe seems to be taking a step back. It is known that he also visited Old Trafford, toured the Carrington training base, and met Manchester United CEO Richard Arnold and manager Eric ten Haag.

However, in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, he said, “How do you determine the price of a house? It has nothing to do with building or painting costs. Paying for something you don’t want to do is a ‘stupid price’. “It is to pay for,” he said skeptically.

In the end, it is expected that the Qatar side will become Manchester United’s new owners. The British Telegraph reported on the 22nd, “Chairman Al Thani plans to invest a total of 7 billion pounds (about 11.2375 trillion won) in academies, stadiums and training grounds, in addition to the purchase price of more than 5 billion pounds (approximately 8.268 trillion won). I am ready to do it,” he said.

The financial advantage is also clear. According to the media, Ratcliffe needs a loan to meet the Glazer family’s desired £6 billion (approximately 9,632.2 billion won), while Qatar is “very confident” that it will satisfy the Glazer family with a debt-free bid. Known. Even from the perspective of Manchester United fans, it is a proposal that can wash away the nightmare of the Glazer family who took over Manchester United through a ‘loan’.

Man Utd’s competitive bidders have until 6am on the 23rd to submit a second offer related to the Manchester United takeover.

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