UFC re-examines Chansung Jung’s debut victory 12 years ago

‘Korean Zombie’ Jung Chan-sung (36)’s victory in his debut match at UFC, the world’s No. 1 mixed martial arts organization, drew attention again.

On March 27 (Korean time), the UFC re-examined the match in which Jeong Chan-sung defeated Leonard Garcia (44, USA) with a twister through On This Day.

‘On This Day’ is UFC content that looks back on what happened a few years ago today. On March 26, 2011 (local time), Jung Chan-sung became the first UFC fighter to win with the ‘Twister’ technique, which grabs and twists the entire spine and cervical vertebrae.

The UFC said, “The Twister was first introduced by the Korean Zombie. Jeong Chan-sung has cemented his place in the history of mixed martial arts,” he explained the meaning of his victory 12 years ago.

Jung Chan-sung was also named as the twister who subdued Garcia in the ‘Featherweight (-66kg) Past Submission Top 10’ released by the UFC in May 2022. ‘Submission’ means to obtain surrender by strangulation or joint technique.스포츠토토

The ‘UFC Featherweight Past Top 10 Submissions’ included Jeong Chan-sung defeating Dustin Poirier (34, USA), who will later become the interim lightweight (-70kg) champion in 2012, with Das/Bravo choke.

It had been 14 months since he had beaten Garcia with a twister. The UFC lavished praise on Chan-Sung Jung, calling him “one of the greatest ground floor masters of all weight classes.”

Chan-sung Jeong’s victory over Poirier and Garcia is also ranked 27th and 49th in the ‘Greatest Match in UFC’ selected by ‘Middle Easy’, a mixed martial arts media in 2022.

After advancing to the UFC, Jung Chan-sung rewrote the history of domestic mixed martial arts with featherweight title fights in 2013 and 2022. Since 2012, the UFC’s 9th consecutive main event fight is also an achievement that is difficult for Koreans to reestablish.

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