Tyler ‘Omar’ Hiro won’t be able to play in Game 4

Will we see Tyler Hiro at the Finals?

Hiro has been ruled out for Game 4. Miami is still keeping him on the disabled list for Game 4.

He suffered a fractured finger in Game 1. Initially expected to be out for the season, Hiro’s return to the Finals began to emerge as Miami pulled off an eighth-seed upset.안전놀이터

However, Miami’s hoped-for return has been slow in coming. After being expected to be available for Game 3, Hiro missed Game 3 and then Game 4, delaying his return.

With Hiro ruled out for Game 4, Miami will be forced to face Denver at full strength. The good news is that there are several players nursing nagging injuries, but no further absences are expected.

After returning home with a 1-1 record on the road, the Heat are again at a disadvantage after dropping Game 3. If they drop Game 4, they will be in a precarious position.

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