Tottenham, what happened to this… There is neither a manager nor a general manager, but ‘No. 1 recruitment’ is close

It is news that Tottenham has entered final negotiations with Barcelona to fully sign Clement Lenglet.

Spain’Sport’ said on the 22nd (Korean time): “Barcelona tried to complete several transfers as quickly as possible in order to adjust the salary cap. The most obvious was the transfer of Langley. Negotiations were held with

Lenglet is a player who moved to Barcelona after receiving excellent evaluation from Sevilla. Immediately after transferring to Barcelona, ​​he showed good defensive power, but as time passed, he showed himself unable to overcome the burden of being a center back for a big club. From the 2020-21 season, Langle suffered from so much criticism that he was pointed out as a hole in Barça while making basic mistakes such as heading clearing and defensive positioning.

In the end, Lenglet was nominated for release from Barcelona, ​​and Tottenham decided to bring him on loan. When the loan signing of Langle was announced, Tottenham fans expressed their disappointment because the recent performance in Barcelona was disappointing. 메이저놀이터

But despite the concerns, Langley’s performance was passable. He didn’t show great skill, but he often showed his skill with high-accuracy passes. He was still making mistakes as his defensive concentration fell momentarily. With manager Antonio Conte and general manager Fabio Paratici both leaving the team, Langlet seemed likely to return to Barcelona as well.

Surprisingly, Tottenham seem to have been quick to negotiate with Barcelona. ‘Sport’ said: “Langley’s evaluation inside Tottenham is very good. Tottenham want to leave Langley. Barcelona have made it clear that they want 12 million euros (about 17.5 billion won). Both clubs are thinking of negotiating. It continues. All parties hope to reach a good outcome,” he added.

If Langle is fully recruited, there will definitely be an impact on Tottenham’s future transfer market. Tottenham’s defense has been very underperforming this season. Accordingly, the fans wanted a center back who could play as much as Christian Romero. However, if Langle is completely recruited first, it is expected that there will be a change in the recruitment of center backs in the future.

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