Throng Piavi “Happiness to be able to help Cambodian children with billiards”

.I’m going to send it to Cambodia, but if the volume is large, the amount I can send will be reduced. I had calluses on my hands after peeling 2000 of them one by one. Still, Piabi is very, very happy to be able to help sick children.”

On the 12th, at a studio in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, ‘Cambodia Express’ Slong Piabi (33)’s mouth was full of smiles. In the 2023-2024 season, she conquered the Women’s Professional Billiards (LPBA) Silk Road & Ansan and recorded the most wins in the league.바카라사이트

Throng Piabi, the ‘Cambodian Express’ who recorded the most wins in the league with six wins in the Women’s Professional Billiards (LPBA), is taking a commemorative photo after an interview with the Segye Daily at a studio in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 12th. Reporter Jeong Pil-jae
“I am happy to win. But it’s better to have money to help people in need. Cambodia needs repellent. The effect is not as good as in Korea, but it is lacking. So many children struggle without repellent.”

Throng is married internationally to Kim Man-shik, who is 28 years older than her, and she has been living in Korea for 13 years since 2010.

“Korea is really clean and nice. There are also many tall buildings. The food is good too. Piabi really likes braised short ribs. But Cambodia did not develop. Kids need help too. At first, her husband also joked, ‘Why are you only helping Cambodia?’ But since we went to Cambodia together, we can’t say that.”

As a child, Piabi’s dream was to become a doctor. “There are so many sick people in Cambodia. Piabi wanted to study hard, but he had to earn money. Piabi also dropped out of school and went on a potato farm with his family.”

But Throng learned that you don’t have to be a doctor to treat people. “Even a billiard player can heal people. Last month, 16 Korean doctors asked Piavi to go to Cambodia for medical service, so I went. Sick Cambodian children laugh at Piabi and say, ‘I want to be like Piabi’. So how happy Piabi must be. This is how you treat people with billiards.”

However, Throng did not like billiards from the beginning. “Her husband told me to try it, but Piabi didn’t like it. He had to make money, but he can’t make money playing pool. The image of billiards was also bad. But in Korea, if you do something well, you can become famous, and then money will follow. I thought this was the only thing Piavi, a multicultural family, could help people.”

Piabi, who has been cueing since 2011, has practiced rigorously. “I played billiards for 11 hours a day. My arm and shoulder hurt so much. I wasn’t used to living in Korea. It made no sense. My cell phone didn’t work, so I couldn’t keep in touch with my family in Cambodia often. It was really hard then. You don’t know how much I cried alone.”

A lot of malicious comments run against this kind of Throng. “There are so many bad words. We also talk about appearances because Piabi is from a multicultural family. I am so sick and upset. Still, I’m getting over it thinking it’s interest. I hope such people always say good words and have a lot of happy thoughts.”

Throng laughed bashfully when she brought up the story of her husband. “I’m always sorry. If you ask me to go to the stadium on the day of the competition, they say they don’t like it because they’re embarrassed. It is also said that Piabi will feel burdened. Still, she supports Piavi a lot and takes good care of her. He is a very nice person.”

Now Throng stands in front of the pool table with a bigger dream. “I think I was good at playing billiards. You can play billiards even when you are old. No worries about injuries. In fact, Piabi is very famous in Cambodia. Everyone in Cambodia recognizes Piabi. But in Korea, there are many people who don’t know Piabi. Pia Bi has become a famous player in Korea, so he wants to do more good things and help more people.”

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