Throng and Lee Mi-rae overcome defeat and advance to the round of 16 of the World Championship 

Kim Bo-mi (NH Nonghyup Card) ranked first in the group stage and advanced to the Round of 16 of the Professional Billiards Association (PBA) World Championship Women’s Division (LPBA).

On the 7th, in the final round of the LPBA group stage of the ‘SK Rent-a-Car PBA-LPBA World Championship 2023’ held at JTBC Studio Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Bo-mi Kim defeated Imari with a set score of 2-0 (11:5, 11:6) and won 3 wins in Group G 1st place confirmed advance to the Round of 16.

Kim Bo-mi took first place in the group stage with her perfect performance, defeating Jang Hye-ri and Lee Yoo-joo with a set score of 2-0 in the previous two matches.

In addition, Group B Kim Ga-young (Hana Card), Kim Se-yeon (Huons), and Hida Orie (Japan, SK Rent-A-Car), who confirmed their advance to the round of 16 early, climbed to the top of the group and obtained tickets to the round of 16. Throng Piabi (Cambodia, Blue One Resort) in Group A and Lee Mi-rae (TS Shampoo, Pura Chicken) in Group F, who were defeated on the first day, also advanced to the round of 16 with a 2-1 loss.

Kim Bo-mi took the lead against Imari, winning her first set 11:5 (8 innings). The second set led 8:5 with only 3 points left until the 8th inning, but after that, it flowed into a long-term game, ending with 6 consecutive empty hits. It was the 15th inning that he regained his concentration. Kim Bo-mi finished the set with the remaining 3 points and finished the game with a set score of 2-0.

‘Cambodia Express’ Throng Piabi (Blue One Resort) won 2-1 (11:6, 6:11, 9:3) against Lim Gyeong-jin. The match between Eunyoung Jeong and Kyungnam Yoon, held at a different table, ended with Eunyoung Jung winning, and Throng, Kyungjin Lim, and Eunyeong Jeong all tied with 2 wins and 1 loss (run +1) and competed to the average, Throng (0.813) and Lim Gyeongjin ( 0.800) took 1st and 2nd place in the group and advanced to the round of 16.

Lee Mi-rae also kept her pride as a strong player by winning a ticket to the round of 16 by finishing first in her group. On this day, Lee Mi-rae won Kim Min-ah with a set score of 2-0. Lee Mi-rae took the lead with a high run of 5 points in the first set, and won the first set 11:2 in 5 innings without an empty hit. In the second set, she also scored 11 runs in 9 innings, finishing the match 11:8 with a victory. 카지노

In the 1st place match between ‘World Champ’ Kim Se-yeon (Huons) and Kim Ga-young (Hana Card), who had already been confirmed for the round of 16 in Group B, Kim Se-yeon won Kim Ga-young with a set score of 2-0 and secured her advance to the round of 16 by finishing first in the group.

In addition, Ayako Sakai (Japan) in Group C, Jina Kim (Hana Card) in Group D, Jihyun Park in Group E, and Namiko Hayashi (Japan) in Group H passed the group stage as first place. Lim Jung-sook (Crown Haitai), Hida Orie (Japan, SK Rent-A-Car), Higashiuchi Natsumi (Japan), Choi Yeon-joo, Lee Yu-ju, and Kim Ye-eun (Welcome Savings Bank) advanced to the round of 16 as second place in their group.

Oh Soo-jung (Welcome Savings Bank) and Yong Hyun-ji (TS Shampoo/Pura Chicken) finished third in the group, while Min-ju Baek (Crown Haetae) and Min-ah Kim (NH Nonghyup Card) Woo-kyung Lee (SK Rent-a-car) and Min-young Kim (Blue One Resort) were eliminated. .

With the group stage of the ‘SK Rent-A-Car World Championship’ both male and female finished, the round of 16 will begin on the 8th. The women’s LPBA round of 16 will be held at 2:00 and 7:00 pm, and the men’s PBA will be held at 4:30 and 9:30 pm.

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