‘Three defeats’ women’s college basketball selection team, all problems were in the second half

3 defeats, all in the same way.

The Korean women’s college basketball selection team (hereinafter referred to as Korea) lost to the Japanese women’s college basketball selection team (hereinafter referred to as Japan) 44-79 in the 3rd game of the 46th Korea-Japan College Basketball Tournament held at Yonsei University Gymnasium on the 21st.

Korea lost both the first and second games. Game 1 was drawn 10-0 from the start of the first quarter. I tried to chase, but I couldn’t control the opponent’s energy and was defeated by 22 points. Game 2 was a bigger loss. In the first half, they struggled, but in the second game, they were pushed back in the energy fight in the second half and lost by 54 points.

Through the previous two games, it was revealed that Korea’s biggest problem is physical strength. In order to rebound in Game 3, this had to be resolved. However, Korea lost the game in the second half in the third game as well. All three matches were lost in the same pattern. 

Game 3 The atmosphere at the beginning of the game in Korea was good. The sophomores played their part in the attack. Lee Na-ra, Park Ji-soo, and Kim Seo-yeon made it 15-19. In the second quarter, the seniors did it. Although he struggled with the opponent’s mistakes and made many mistakes, the defense that tied the opponent to 36 points worked. At the end of the second quarter, the score difference was only 7 points.

It was a score difference that could be overturned enough if we focused on the second half. Until the beginning of the third quarter, the atmosphere in Korea was not bad. Inara scored under the goal and even scored a free throw. Although he allowed an outside score, he responded again with Park Ji-soo’s score. The score was 35-41.

But after that was the problem. Korea made one mistake after another. struggled against opponent pressure. This led to Japan’s quick break. An outside score was needed for the chase, but it didn’t explode. Conversely, Japan’s outer shooting exploded. As a result, the score gap widened rapidly. The score gap, which was six points, widened to 20 points.

And Korea did not rebound even in the 4th quarter. He showed his fighting spirit to the end, but the wall in Japan was high. Korea’s total score in the 4th quarter was 5 points. Conversely, Japan gave 20. He was physically exhausted. 

Korea lost all three matches due to lack of stamina. Korean coach Jang Seon-hyung said, “It seems like I keep saying the same thing after three games. Fitness was an issue. Since the players were playing in the middle of the season, they went straight to the training camp without enough rest. I think I was pushed out of my physical strength because of that.”토토사이트

Through the Lee Sang Hundred Times, Korea felt a difference in level from Japan. There was also a difference in skill, but it was regrettable that I was pushed physically. All you have to do is prepare for the next tournament with more concentration as much as you know the defeat. In the next competition, it is necessary to close the gap with Japan through improved physical appearance. 

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