This summer’s super-large transfer ‘I’m first’.. Kane? Mbappe? uniform change all the time

The transfer rumors of Harry Kane (30), partner of Tottenham Son Heung-min (31), and Lee Kang-in (22) of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), colleague Kylian Mbafe (25), are gradually taking shape. Now, it seems that the focus is on who will break up with the club first this summer.바카라사이트

Kane, whose contract expires next summer, wants to leave Tottenham. Just as Robert Lewandowski (Barcelona) left, Bayern Munich is interested in signing Kane.

Local European media reported that Munich and Kane had already reached a personal agreement. Moreover, Munich has already made two offers to Tottenham. Munich, which was all rejected, intends to look at the intentions of Tottenham’s leadership again with a third proposal.

Tottenham are said to have set Kane’s ransom at at least £100m. But Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has no intention of selling Kane. Even if he was released as a free agent (FA) and did not receive a penny, the argument that he would not sell as much as Kane was persuasive.

Moreover, Tottenham put out a new contract with the main content of significantly increasing the weekly wage from the current £ 300,000 (about 500 million won) to £ 400,000 (about 650 million won) to catch Kane.

However, on the 24th (Korean time), the British ‘Telegraph’ argued that a change in President Levy’s basic policy would be inevitable. According to the article, Joe Louis Tottenham owner doesn’t want to give Kane away for free. This is because he instructed Chairman Levy to ‘sell it this summer’ if he cannot renew the contract with Kane.

Germany’s Bild said that day that Bayern Munich would offer Kane a long-term contract of four to five years. It is being accepted as meaning that Kane was so confident in recruiting him.

When Joe Louis’ remarks became known, Manchester United (Man United), who withdrew from the Kane recruitment match, joined again. As soon as it became clear that Tottenham was selling Kane, he began to show interest again. Nevertheless, it is relatively unlikely that Levy will sell Kane to Manchester United, the same Premier League team.

In the end, Kane is likely to go to Munich if he refuses Tottenham’s re-contract. Kane, who wants the championship cup, pushed for a transfer to Manchester City two years ago, but remained under the jersey of President Levy. As such, he wants to carry out a transfer without fail this summer.

Mbappe also wants to leave PSG. Last month, France’s ‘L’Equipe’ announced that Mbappe would not exercise his contract extension option, and the PSG leadership was upset.

Mbappe chose a 2+1 year contract with PSG instead of moving to Real Madrid a year ago and stayed. It was a decision made after French President Emmanuel Macron stepped forward and persuaded Mbappe.

However, as Mbappe declared that he would not trigger the option contract, the contract with PSG remained until June 2024. Like Kane, this meant that he had one year left on his contract.

In addition, Mbappe raised PSG’s anger by sniping at PSG as “a divided team.” PSG decided to use a one-year extension option when signing with Mbappe, but believes that Mbappe hit the back of the head. PSG understands that Mbappe has already signed a contract with Real Madrid to transfer to free agency.

In the end, PSG decided to put Mbappe on the market with a price tag of 200 million euros. Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal, who was very sorry to miss Lionel Messi right away, is tempting him with 400 million euros. This figure includes the transfer fee of 200 million euros and the annual salary of 200 million euros for Mbappe.

PSG once excluded Mbappe from the pre-season squad. On the Japanese tour, he made a superpower by removing the name of Mbappe. It showed Mbappe that there would be no free transfers next year.

At the same time, PSG seems to be writing together with the mbape. It is known that PSG has offered Mbafe a contract worth 1 billion euros (approximately 1.4 trillion won) for 10 years.

The interesting thing is that PSG is considering signing Kane if they send out Mbappe. On this day, Spain’Lelevo’ said, “PSG wants to recruit Kane from Tottenham for after Mbappe leaves.”

Kane is digesting Tottenham’s pre-season schedule together. On the 23rd, he started a friendly against Leicester City in Thailand, but the match was canceled due to heavy rain.

On the other hand, Mbappe, who was caught in the ‘sin of guilt’, remains in Paris and trains, excluded from the PSG pre-season. As Lee Kang-in and Neymar, who are both injured, participated in PSG’s Japan tour, Mbappe was excluded from this list and remained at the club’s club.

Oddly enough, the two top strikers are being put up for sale at the same time, not only European big clubs but also the Saudi government are moving. There is a growing possibility that a super-large transfer will come out this summer.

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