‘There’s a reason Ronaldo is obsessed with money!’…”The end goal is the owner”

‘Superstar’ Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr). The world’s highest-earning footballer.

Even in his prime, he was the highest paid footballer in the world, and now he is by far the highest paid. Since moving to Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr late last year, Ronaldo has earned an annual salary of €200 million ($290 million). It was the highest salary in world football history.토토사이트

Ronaldo was never satisfied with his salary. He has tried many different businesses to make money. The main one is the hotel business. He has also tried his hand at perfume, clothing, underwear, and hair loss.

Many people thought that Ronaldo was obsessed with money. When rival Lionel Messi rejected a 400 million euro ($583.3 million) salary offer from Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal and headed to the United States, the view of Ronaldo became even more negative. He is only after the money.

However, one of the reasons for Ronaldo’s obsession with money has been revealed. It’s something he can only do if he has a lot of money. This is the ultimate goal of a football player. He wants to be the “owner” of a club.

Ronaldo recently attended an event for an alkaline mineral water business in Madrid, Spain, where he revealed his ambitions for his dream.

“I can play two or three more years and then retire and own a football club,” he said.

Ronaldo is contracted to Al Nasr until June 2025. Ronaldo has set his next goal, and he’s working to achieve it.

“Being the owner of a club has always been on my list of goals. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for years. I will own a football club. It’s the end of my football career,” he emphasised.

Ronaldo also expressed his pride in the Saudi Arabian league. Karim Benzema’s move to Al Ittihad had been confirmed.

“Benzema has come to Saudi Arabia, and I’m sure many players will follow,” Ronaldo said. To go to Saudi Arabia is to open a new box. In two or three years, the Saudi league will be one of the most important leagues in the world. We want all the stars to come to Saudi Arabia. What we want is competition.”

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