There is also Cho Min-gyu, “The sunset interruption works rather advantageously”

Jo Min-kyu, who wants to protect the pride of Korean golf, is now aiming for victory in the final round.

In the 3rd round of the ‘DP World Tour Korea Championship Presented by Genesis’ held at Jack Nicklaus GCK in Songdo, Incheon on the 29th, Cho recorded 2 under par, including 4 birdies, and tied for 8th place with an interim total of 211 strokes. 크크크벳

After finishing the round, Cho Min-gyu said, “I made a bogey on the first hole, hole 1 (par 5), but after that, I caught 3 birdies and finished the game. In the second half, he did one bogey and one birdie, and it was regrettable that he could not reduce the number of strokes.” It was predicted that it would be a difficult match due to the high level of difficulty of the course in the rainy and windy weather. He made up his mind before the game, but with this score, I think he played well.”

Following this, Minkyu Cho plans to complete his schedule in the final round regardless of the suspension of the sunset. He said, “I think it will work in my favor. But I don’t think he’ll have a big advantage because there are players who play the rest of the game and win.”

“Since last year, we have been concentrating on the domestic tour. He also had several chances to win. I want to compliment myself on this. Winning seems to be the last remaining puzzle,” he said, raising his expectations for his victory.

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