There are no aftereffects of a blow to the head… ‘Imminent debut’ jegu master ex “Time to pay back the favor to Doosan who waited for me”

Doosan Bears foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle’s first-team debut is just around the corner. This is because Dylan, who was hit in the head by a live pitching ball during spring camp and spent a long recovery period, completely shook off the aftereffects. In order to repay the favor to the Doosan club that has waited for him, Dylan is full of desire to throw the ball right away.

Dylan started on April 27 at Bears Park in Icheon in the second game of the Doubleheader against the KIA Tigers in the Futures League, recording 4 innings, 1 hit, 4 strikeouts and no runs on 3 walks.

On this day, Dylan threw a total of 69 pitches, with a maximum velocity of 150 km/h (average 145 km/h), a slider (127-134 km/h), a changeup (130-134 km/h), and a curve (122-126 km/h). I faced the KIA lineup. If there are no major problems with his physical condition after pitching, there is a high possibility that Dylan will make his debut in the first team of the KBO League in the first week of May.

“Today (27th), I would like to give Dylan 8 points out of 10 for Dylan’s appearance,” said Doosan Futuresteam coach Lee Jung-hoon. I need to increase the number of pitches, but I think that the type of pitch and the level of the current breaking ball will be enough for the 1st team stage. He is a pitcher who will not easily score points if he throws his own ball while immediately adapting to the Korean baseball batting style and strike zone.”

Dylan, who met with MK Sports after starting the Futures League that day, said, “It was my second appearance in the actual game, and the overall feeling was good. He is satisfied because the top speed of 150 km / h was similar in the United States. Control is more important to me than restraint. The pitching is also at a satisfactory level. I just need to increase the number of pitches a little, but I don’t care if I throw the ball in the first team right away.”

Dylan completely shook off the aftermath of his blow to the head. Dylan said, “Regarding his head injury, he has now fully recovered without any symptoms. He has no dizziness. He wears a specially made hat, but it doesn’t have any mental or anxiety-related effects. The odds of getting hit in the head again are very low. I think it’s just a matter of safety and try to wear it.” 크크크벳

During his rehabilitation period, Dylan began to adapt indirectly by watching KBO league games on TV. The key is that the curve, which was praised during spring camp, works in practice.

Dylan said, “I watched all of our team’s games. I studied how to throw in the KBO league. If you’re a pitcher, he thinks you should have at least one good decision pitch. In my baseball career, that pitch is the curve. It is also comfortable to use a breaking ball with the KBO official ball with prominent stitches. Depending on how well the curve that can be used stably works, I wonder if I will quickly adapt to the KBO League,” he nodded.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop is planning Dylan’s first-team debut against the Hanwha Eagles in Jamsil on May 4. Dylan also emphasized that he would prepare without a hitch with the possibility of his first-team debut next week.

Dylan said, “I had an unfortunate injury situation, but the KBO League stage is a great opportunity for me. I am very grateful that the Doosan club waited for me. It is my job to prove to the outside that the club made the right decision. I really want to return the favor to the club. Also, I am missing, but my teammates are showing better performances. If I go up to the first team, I want to give my team a stepping stone to victory every time I start, and I want to add strength to the challenge of winning the Korean Series.”

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