‘The World’s Greatest Prize’… Fostering Daegu Marathon into a top-notch event

The city of Daegu is fostering the Daegu International Marathon to become a world-class marathon that surpasses the Boston Marathon in the United States.

It was decided to raise the prize money of the tournament to the highest level in the world and drastically increase the scale of the tournament.

The key is how many top players from overseas can be attracted.

This is reporter Park Joon-hyung’s report.


The Daegu International Marathon, the only gold label event in Korea.

About 15,000 people, including elite players and club members, participated in this year’s competition, bringing liveliness to downtown Daegu.

The city of Daegu has decided to hold the marathon as a world-class event starting next year.

First of all, the winning prize will be raised from the current $40,000 to $160,000, and the total prize money will be set to the highest level in the world with $885,000. 스포츠토토

The prize money is higher than the world’s most prestigious event in Boston, USA.

From next year, the Masters full course for club members will be newly revived, greatly expanding the number of participants from the current 15,000 to over 30,000.

The marathon course, which used to depart from Daegu National Debt Repayment Memorial Park, will be made into an urban circulation course departing from Daegu Stadium, which will serve as an opportunity to introduce various parts of Daegu.

The timing of the event will be decided between the end of March and the beginning of April, taking into consideration the schedule of other top-level events and the temperature.

[Soundbite] Kim Dong-woo(Chief of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, Daegu City) : “We will enhance Daegu’s dignity and promote the brand of Daegu, a marathon festival city visited by foreign tourists for the marathon, to the world.” International Marathon.

It is expected that the key to the success of the tournament will be how many world-class players can be attracted.

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