“The unconditional goal is to enter the PO market” Kim Si-on’s determination after moving to Hana 1Q

Kim Si-on (28, 175 cm), who transferred to Hana One Q, expressed his determination to advance to the playoffs.메이저사이트

On the 4th, Bucheon Hana One Q and Busan BNK Some conducted a trade. BNK’s guard Kim Si-on headed to Hana 1Q, and in return, BNK received a first-round pick for the 2023-2024 new player selection and a priority pick for the first round of the 2025-2026 new player selection. Si-On Kim, who joined KDB Life Insurance, the predecessor of BNK, in 2014 and played for only one team, is starting a new basketball life at Hana One Q.

In a phone call with this paper, Kim Sion said, “I suffered a neck injury in a practice game against Shinhan Bank (Incheon) the day before the trade (3rd). For this reason, he went to an oriental medicine clinic in the morning to get acupuncture. But then I got a call from director Park Jeong-eun. That’s when the feeling came. “I remember being embarrassed when coach Park Jeong-eun told me that I was going to Hana One Q,” he said, looking back on the time of the trade.

He continued, “It’s been about 10 days since I joined the team. He has somewhat adapted to life, but it seems he needs to adapt to team training more. Hana One Q is having difficulty with performance training because there are many movements that she has not tried before. “I feel like I’ve become friends with almost all of the players,” he added.

The background to Kim Si-on’s trade was a strong request from Hana One Q coach Kim Do-wan. Last season, a trade card was attempted with BNK to bring in Kim Si-on, but it ultimately fell through. If Kim Si-on shows strength in the front line, he is expected to be able to ease the burden on the guard line such as Shin Ji-hyun and Jeong Ye-rim.

“Coach Kim Do-wan told me that I had to play basketball differently than when I was at BNK. They are still trying to adjust tactically, but they said they would like to be more aggressive. He honestly doesn’t know if he can do it well (laughter). “I think I need more time because I’m trying to do something I haven’t done before.” These are the words of Kim Si-on.

Last season, Si-On Kim played an average of 21 minutes and 29 seconds in 30 regular league games, recording 4.9 points, 2.4 rebounds, and 1.3 assists. BNK mainly played as a sixth man because the best five was fixed: Ahn Hye-ji, Lee So-hee, Han Eom-ji, Kim Han-byeol, and Jin-an. However, since Hana One Q does not have a clear starting lineup, it appears that it will be given more opportunities.

Regarding this, Kim Si-on said, “Actually, I didn’t think much about it. I’m not good at it, but there’s nothing good about staying on the court for a long time. You can only be on the court if you have a role to play and a given task. “If I do my job well, I think my playing time will naturally increase,” he said.

In the offseason, Hana One Q filled the position of leader by bringing in Kim Jong-un. In addition, they succeeded in reinforcing bench members by recruiting Eom Seo-i and Choi Ji-seon. In addition, expectations for the new season are growing by embracing Kim Si-ion, whom coach Kim Do-wan wanted.

Shion Kim said, “The goal is to advance to the playoffs. I really want to go, and I think I can go. I plan to just watch the playoffs and work hard. (Kim) Jeong-eun said, ‘If you do well, the team will win,’ and I hope that both me and the team do well together.”

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