The true game changer ‘Royal’ created by Majesty

It is easy to call yourself a luxury club, but it is difficult to be recognized as a luxury club by many people. Majesty Golf, which actively introduces new technology while maintaining craftsmanship, has newly launched Majesty ‘Royal’ for golfers who want a club equipped with both luxury and new technology.

Royal, created under the concept of ‘The True Game Changer’, was developed to bring out the best performance by harmonizing innovative technology that can achieve maximum distance with a smoother swing and a design that stimulates the emotions of young golfers. .토토사이트

Royal drivers and woods have a ‘clutch weight system’ that increases the moment of inertia by exquisitely placing weight on the side of the club, a ‘titanium monocoque body’ that lowers the center of gravity and increases ball speed with a very thin crown (0.4mm), and a new material Ti-613 titanium. ‘3D Energized Face Design’, which combines soft curves and radial concentric circles, was applied.

The irons use a tungsten cavity weight, which is increased compared to the previous model, to lower the center of gravity to achieve high trajectory, and the face uses high-strength maraging steel to increase repulsive force. In addition, the loft was lowered by 1 degree compared to the previous model to achieve a longer flight distance, and a more comfortable setup was possible by reducing the offset of the head.

Royal has a Power EI shaft design that naturally induces body movement and converts it to fast swing speed. Power EI shaft uses Majesty’s Xlink Tech, tungsten seat butt, and 78t super-elastic carbon tip to accelerate head speed and stabilize head movement through shaft bending and quick restoration from the swing top to the moment of impact. secured at the same time. Through this, golfers can experience a stronger impact even when using less force when swinging.

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