The strength of a 19-year-old rookie, pushing 130m home run… Futures 1st in home run + 1st in batting ‘Cha Myung-seok pick jackpot’

LG Twins’ rookie Kim Beom-seok (19) hit a home run of superpower. He pushed and hit a 130m home run.

Kim Beom-seok started as designated hitter number 4 in the Futures League match against KT Division 2 held at LG Champions Park in Icheon on the 19th.

He hit a long hit from the first inning. In the first inning with two outs and first base, he passed the first baseman key against KT starter Kim Tae-oh and scored one RBI with a double that fell to the first prize.

In the 3rd inning, 2nd out, 2nd base, the right fielder went out, and in the 6th inning, 1st out, the pitcher grounded out. He showed off his power in his fourth at-bat.

After two outs in the 8th inning, he hit a large home run against Kim Min-soo. In a situation where the count was driven by two strikes, KT Pil Seung-jo Kim Min-soo, who had been rehabilitated from a shoulder injury, pushed the high fastball (136km) and shot a home run that went over the right-middle fence.

He hit a high ball that reached the height of the catcher’s head and hit a home run with a distance of 130m. It is the 6th season, and it is the only home run in the Futures League.

The scene where LG Kim Beom-seok hit a home run by pushing a high-fastball in a game against KT 2nd Army on the 19th. / KBO YouTube Channel

Kim Bum-seok is a catcher nominated by LG in the first round (7th overall) in the 2023 rookie draft. He hit 10 home runs last year as a senior at Gyeongnam High School, which is the most high school baseball home run record since wooden bats were used in high school tournaments.

Cha Myung-seok, the general manager of LG, who nominated Kim Bum-seok, who is a catcher and has long hitting power, expressed great expectations, saying, “I think that a proper noun named Kim Beom-seok can establish itself as a byword in Korean baseball.” From the first year of his debut, he has been showing his batting talent in the 2nd team.먹튀검증

Kim Bum-seok played in 28 Futures League games until the 19th, recording a batting average of 3.6 (32 hits in 89 at-bats), 6 homers, 19 RBIs, 10 runs, an on-base percentage of .418, a slugging percentage of .640, and an OPS of 1.058. He ranks first in batting average, first in home runs, first in slugging percentage, and fourth in on-base percentage. He has a batting average of 4.2 9 Lee (18 hits in 42 at-bats) with 3 home runs and 4 doubles in his last 10 games, and his professional adaptation is steep.

Kim Bum-seok, who spent spring camp in the rehabilitation and 2nd divisions to concentrate on rehabilitating his injured shoulder in 3rd year of high school, said that his goal for this season is to “go up to the 1st team and play in the 1st team at least once this year.”

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