The same interest and support as the 1st group… A midsummer night baseball festival held in Iksan, fans and players are excited

“Thank you for caring for the fans at the club.”

The Futures League, where the futures of Korean baseball are sweating heavily. Watching the process of their growth, it is different from the 1st team game, but it is true that the interest is relatively less compared to the 1st team game.메이저사이트

Under such circumstances, KT Wiz prepared a special event for the Futures Summer League. From the 15th to the 17th, it attracted baseball fans with preparations comparable to those of the first team in the three-game match against the Goyang Heroes at Iksan Stadium. It is the last 3 night games held at Iksan Stadium this season.

Starting with the fan signing event before the game, chicken, beer, and snack sets were presented. In particular, on the 15th, which was the National Liberation Day holiday, fans lined up two hours before the start of the game. There were so many fans that they could not fill the stands and stood to watch the game.

In addition, Cheerleader Kim Ju-il and Jung Yu-min-Lee Geum-ju cheerleaders were breathing with the fans throughout the three-game series, and the fans also cheered for the KT players according to their cheering slogans.

KT players are also encouraged by the support of the fans as much as the 1st team.

Infielder Kang Min-seong said, “It feels good to play loudly after playing quietly. Unlike Suwon, Iksan is inconvenient to come to. Even so, a lot of fans came to visit us. I saw the fans I met in Suwon in Iksan. Thank you so much,” he said.

Outfielder Kim Byung-jun said, “It’s different. There are a lot of spectators, so I am motivated and it is more fun.”

Yang Seung-hyeok, captain of the KT Futures team, said, “Thanks to the club’s preparation of various events, so many fans came to the stadium. The atmosphere was up even before the game started, and the morale of the players was also able to go up. It’s not a one-time thing, but I hope you will visit Futures Stadium and baseball often in the future.”

Not only the players, but also the fans were excited.

Kim Hee-gyeong (38), who lives in Suwon, came to Iksan Stadium with her two-year-old son and her daughter, who is in the lower grades of elementary school. Kim Hee-kyung said, “Her daughter is learning baseball at an alternative school, and she is a fan of KT players, so she came to visit the Iksan Stadium. She received autographs from the players and provided food such as chicken, so I was able to enjoy watching baseball. Thank you for caring for the fans at the club,” she said.

Kang Jun-mo (8), who lives in Iksan, said, “My dream is to become a baseball player, and it is nice to be able to enjoy baseball while eating snacks with my family close to home. I came this year as well as last year, and it’s even more enjoyable because there are events in between. The 1st team cheering squad also came and it was exciting. I hope there will be more events like this in the future.”

There was also help from Iksan City, which has been forming a strong bond since signing an agreement on the location of Futures in 2016. Iksan City invested about 3 billion won to build an indoor practice field, and at the end of 2021, the main baseball stadium lighting tower (height and bright lighting that meets the standard) was also replaced. Evening games can be played without hindrance.

KT delivered flood relief goods worth 5 million won to flood victims affected by heavy rain in July, and delivered baseball supplies worth 5 million won to the Iksan City Baseball Association, building a strong bond. Also, on the 15th, Iksan Mayor Jung Hyeon-yul threw the first ball, and Choi Jong-oh, the chairman of the Iksan City Council, took the ball. On the 16th, Lee Seon-ho, the head of the Iksan City Softball Baseball Association, and on the 17th, Cho Jang-hee, the Iksan City Sports Council, pitched the first pitch.

KT plans to continue to give fun to fans through various events with Iksan City and Future Steam.

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