The number of foreign substitution wins, who will laugh?

The team that draws the most attention is the 6th place KIA. KIA, which replaced both foreign pitchers at the end of last season, changed them again before the first half was over. On the 6th, Haruo signed Mario Sanchez and Thomas Panoni. The two pitched once before ending the first half. Sanchez immediately reported his first victory, and Panoni, who played for KIA last year, made a debut with 2 runs in 4 innings.

KIA was the only one among 10 clubs to replace all two foreign pitchers in the first half. The success or failure of the replacement card is the main key to determining the final 5 for the second year in a row.

Lotte changed pitcher and hitter. On the 11th, following the recruitment of hitter Nico Goodrum, on the 18th, Aaron Wilkerson announced the contract. They sent out hitters Jack Rex and Dan Straley, who played last year and renewed this year.

Lotte, which was at the center of the storm this season by winning 9 consecutive wins in 14 years at the beginning of the season and taking first place, has been on a downhill since June and is currently standing in 5th place. Lotte entered the all-star break in a state where the decline was accelerating with the lowest win rate of only 2 wins (6 losses) in July. With new foreign players, a reversal of the atmosphere is desperately needed.온라인바카라

Kiwoom replaced Ian McKinney without delay when ace Eric Yokishi, who had been playing for five years in June, was injured. Then, on the 13th, the end of the first half, Edison Russell, who had been unable to play for a month due to an injury, was sent and Ronnie Dawson was recruited, using both replacement cards. McKinney recorded 1 win (3 losses) and an average ERA of 3.60 in 4 games. It’s not as good as Yokishi, but he faithfully rotates around and shows enough to support An Woo-jin and Ariel Furado.

Hitting is urgent. Kiwoom’s batting average has stagnated further in July, and the team’s batting average is 0.248, falling to the bottom along with Lotte (0.245). Currently, Dawson is waiting for a visa to be issued. After joining the team on the 21st, he is expected to register and be able to play within the weekend. Kiwoom played without a foreign hitter for nearly a month. If Dawson can create various ‘attack routes’ as expected by the club, there is ample opportunity to rebound.

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