The golf premium integrated service that only players enjoyed is now open to the general public.

A golf course suddenly breaks.

Maybe the club is ruined. Or I want to have my name engraved on wedges. If you are a golfer, you may have this experience at least once. Premium services that were only available to golf players until now are now available to the general public as well. The wall between elites and club members is slowly crumbling. It means that there are a lot of golfers in Korea, and it also means that the Korean market is approaching the golf industry.

Titleist opened ‘Titleist City Tour Van’ in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on May 15th. The City Tour Van is an ’emergency room at the event site’ that provides various services and conveniences needed to improve players’ performance on the tour. It was moved to the middle of the city and planned so that any passionate golfer in Korea can use it.

Any golfer can enjoy a variety of premium services here.

The biggest advantage of Titleist City Tour Van, a two-story single building with a total area of ​​300 pyeong, is that you can experience the club and product warranty service more conveniently and professionally. In addition, as well as tour-level club fitting, 3) Scotty Cameron putter inspection service and 66 types of putter experience, 4) custom wedge service where you can engrave your initials and symbols like a player’s wedge, and 5) your own phrase or logo. Anyone can experience the same premium services that have been provided to tour players, from the custom ball service where you can make your own ball with a back engraving, and if you wish, you can even purchase it here at once.

The Titleist Tour Van, which has provided the best service to players, is now also called the ‘moving emergency room on the field’ by passionate golfers. The Titleist Tour Van is the largest in the industry in terms of size and manpower. A 14-ton super-large van visits the venue every week to provide various services and conveniences from the tour van, including various equipment necessary for players such as balls, clubs, and gloves, as well as club fitting and equipment repair, so that players can perform at their best. .카지노사이트

Visiting the Titleist City Tour Van Opening Site

The world’s first ‘Titleist City Tour Van’, introduced in Korea for the first time in the world, as the name implies, has moved the facilities and services of a tour van to the city center, providing the best and most advanced service of Titleist that players have received to more golfers. , was established with the purpose of providing more convenient and faster services. City Tour Van

operates on a 100% advance reservation system (reservation through the homepage) to provide quality service in line with the purpose and purpose of its establishment, and is paid/free depending on the service details. However, warranty services are available without reservation.

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