The game was delayed by 40 minutes due to a pre-ceremony event… The Cubs coach said, “No one was angry” 

The match was delayed by nearly 40 minutes due to the opposing team’s pre-ceremony event. Still, Chicago Cubs manager David Ross didn’t seem to care much.메이저사이트

Coach Ross said in an interview after winning an away game 5-4 against the Toronto Blue Jays held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 13th (Korean time), “It was a victory achieved with the strength of all the team members.” .

On this day, the Cubs faced off 4-4 and won with consecutive doubles by Cody Bellinger and Christopher Morel in the 9th inning.

He said, “I think Bellinger’s leadoff double hit was great. Morel’s double was also decisive. The bullpen threw it really well here,” he said, looking back at the game.

Regarding starter Justin Steel, who allowed 3 runs in 5 innings, “The depth of the slider increased, and the pitch was sharp, and the speed increased. I really liked the way the ball came out.”

“I am constantly evolving as a pitcher. He is showing maturity and growth,” he said, commenting that he is a player with a promising future.

Regarding Julian Merriweather, who blocked the 8th inning, “It plays a role in stabilizing the bullpen. He’s having a really good season. It was a bit difficult in the beginning, but after that, he showed a wonderful appearance.”

The match was originally scheduled to start at 3:07 PM local time, but it started at 3:50, 43 minutes later.

There was a reason. This is because before the game, the Blue Jays club held an induction ceremony for Jose Bautista’s ‘Level of Excellence’, which corresponds to the club’s Hall of Fame.

Director Ross, who watched this in the dugout, commented on the opposing club’s pre-ceremony event, saying, “It was really cool.” “It was a place to celebrate retired players. A lot of his old teammates were in attendance, as were some of the players I played with. It was a great moment, and I think it was a great ceremony for him and his family. He thinks it’s a good thing for baseball. The players will also appreciate it.”

Regarding the nearly 40-minute delay in the game, he said, “It is clear that it interfered. But no one was angry. I enjoyed watching. He is a wonderful player,” he said, showing a lack of awareness.

Instead, the Cubs ruined the Blue Jays’ feast by winning the game that day. “It wouldn’t have ruined his day if we won,” Ross said with a laugh and left the arena.

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