The first half isn’t over, but it’s already 30 matches and 38 innings. ‘If it comes out, multi’ 30-year-old trustworthy man “Pitchers have to work hard”

There is only one game left until the 50% odds. The all-out war for the rest of the first half declared by the command tower, with Kim Myung-shin at the center.온라인바카라

Already 30 years old. It has been three years since Kim Myung-shin emerged as Doosan’s key bullpen.

In 2021, 58 games (starting 1) 67 innings (3 wins, 2 losses, 2 holds, average ERA of 4.30), last year, 68 games 79⅔ innings (3 wins, 3 losses, 10 holds, 3.62), digested and took on the responsibility of multi-innings at a critical moment. He has not yet finished the first half of this year, but has already digested 38 innings in 30 games.

In the Ulsan series against Lotte last weekend, Kim Myung-shin’s role shone. In the last game on the 1st, he was responsible for the 7th and 8th innings, leading 1-0, and kept the victory. On the 2nd, after pitching 7th inning and pitching 1⅔ scoreless innings, Yang Seok-hwan’s final two-run four broke out and became the winning pitcher.

It is not common for a bullpen pitcher who is not a long man to play multiple innings frequently. There are already 12 games this year in which he threw more than one inning. In particular, when Kim Myung-shin, who threw 30 pitches in two innings the previous day, climbed the mound again today, commentator Jang Seong-ho said, “I thought I would take a break today.

This is Kim Myung-shin, who went to the 2nd group once due to back muscle pain. When asked, “Isn’t it burdensome?”, he smiled and said, “It’s something I’ve always done.” He himself admitted, “I threw a lot last year, and I threw a lot this year as well.” However, he added, “From my point of view, now is the time when the water comes in. I work hard when I’m like this, and I rest again when I’m resting.”

“Pitchers are bound to face one hitter, one hitter, with the mindset that they will always score no runs. From the beginning, I don’t think long. The coaches cheered us on too. Now, if the win rate is 50%, wouldn’t the atmosphere of the team come alive?”

Doosan is running second in team home runs this year, but the batting line is relatively weak. In the match against Lotte, he continued to fight every game with an empty hit that stopped at 6 points for 3 days. Kim Myung-shin emphasized, “There are times when the batting line explodes, and there are times when the pitchers are generally stable. Now is the time for us to work hard and maintain (ranking).”

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