The end of 16 years of football life… Park Joo-ho’s ‘The Second Act of Life’ with his family

There are many fans who still shed tears when they think of this player. This is Park Joo-ho, who recently finished his 16-year soccer career.메이저놀이터

The wife, who bowed down and bowed down, made the away fans cry.

[Park Joo-ho/Former Suwon FC: I didn’t know. I didn’t know. Because it came out spontaneously… ]

It was the first team I joined after returning from Europe.

[Park Joo-ho/Former Suwon FC: Ulsan Hyundai was the time to adapt to everything in Korea, and there was a lot of great sadness and pain.]

16 years of soccer life was a series of adventures.

Starting in the second division in Japan, knocking on the European stage in Switzerland, and entering the Bundesliga, he has grown step by step.

[Park Joo-ho/Former Suwon FC: I’m not planned, but soccer has been really planned. Step by step, I took on the challenge even at the moment when I could go more comfortably… ]

I didn’t despair when I came back from injury after playing for Dortmund.

[Park Joo-ho/Former Suwon FC: I think it’s a failure if I can’t play, but because of my career, I’ve been challenged and a career has twists and turns.] The second act of life, the center of which

is the family.

[Park Joo-ho/Former Suwon FC: I am working hard on childcare. If we play together and get injured, we just have to get injured. I’m always with my dad, Naeun calls me after school, and before that, there were many times when I couldn’t answer during exercise time… ]

Of course, the future life is also with the ball.

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