The aesthetics of a 140km slow ball better than a 153km fastball… Returning 3.8 billion 36-year-old veteran, it’s okay even if you can’t do QS

It gets hotter.

Samsung Lions veteran left-hander Baek Jeong-hyun (36) started the 12th game against Kiwoom Heroes in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 30th.

It has been 38 days since the match against SSG Landers in Incheon on the 23rd of last month that Baek Jung-hyun has been on the stage for the first team. Baek Jung-hyun felt pain in his left elbow, so he adjusted his condition in the 2nd group instead of the 1st group.토토사이트

Before the game, Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, “It has been more than a month since I went down. He said that the injured part was fine, and he came up after checking at Futures again,” referring to Baek Jung-hyun’s physical condition.

From the beginning of the first inning, the team’s batting line exploded, and Baek Jung-hyun was able to climb the mound with a comfortable mind. Lee Hyeong-jong was dealt with shortstop Lee Jae-hyeon’s Hosobi, and Kim Hye-seong also threw a ground ball to second base. He gave up a left-handed hit to Ronnie Dawson, but struck out Lee Won-seok with a swing. Runners were sent out in the second and third innings, but no runs were allowed.

For the 4th inning, 5 balls were enough. Lee Won-seok threw a ground ball to second base, Song Seong-moon a ground ball to second base, and Lee Joo-hyung caught a big ball without losing concentration. In the 5th inning, Park Chan-hyeok was hit by shortstop ground ball and Lee Ji-young by center fielder and Kim Tae-jin hit, but Lee Hyung-jong was hit by third baseman foul fly.

Baek Jung-hyun, who also came up in the 6th inning, turned lead batter Kim Hye-seong into a floating ball for center fielder. Dawson got a right-handed hit, but Lee Won-seok was dealt with with Pirella’s Hosobi. However, Song Seong-moon had a wild pitch at bat, followed by a timely hit in pursuit of 1 RBI. Also, when Lee Joo-hyung hit 1 RBI and 3 bases, he was shaken.

In the end, Samsung Bench chose to replace it. Baek Jeong-hyeon tried to make his 6th quality start of the season (less than 3 earned runs in 6 starting innings) in his return match after 38 days, but failed. On this day, Baek Jeong-hyun recorded 7 hits, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts and 2 runs in 5.2 innings. 96 pitches. Sliders were the most with 39, and he picked and threw 32 fastballs, 24 changeups, and 1 curveball. The maximum speed is 140 km.

With the firepower of the team’s batting line and the concentration of the bullpen, Baek Jung-hyun added strength to the team’s 10-6 victory with 5 wins of the season. It has been 54 days since Baek Jeong-hyeon won the game against the NC Dinos in Changwon on the 6th of last month.

After the game, Samsung coach Park Jin-man commented, “Jung-Hyun Baek, who has been on the mound for the first time in a long time, was able to do his part comfortably with less pressure.” Baek Jung-hyun also said, “I have no regrets about not being able to perform QS.”

Jang Jae-young, who had a head-to-head matchup that day, tried to overwhelm the opponent with a fastball, such as spraying a maximum speed of 153 km, but failed. Rather, he went down without filling even one inning with 6 balls, a balk, and even a head shot. Baek Jung-hyun showed his dignity with the aesthetics of slowness.

Samsung’s second half is hot. After the restart in the second half, they are on the rise with 5 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. With the return of Baek Jung-hyun, all five selections are expected to show a solid appearance, and Baek Jeong-hyun is expected to become even hotter.

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