‘Tatum exits’ Boston loses the lead to Milwaukee and falls to second place… New York wins 6 in a row

Boston caught up with New York.

The Boston Celtics lost 94-109 in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season New York Knicks held at Madison Square Garden in New York on the 28th (hereinafter Korean time).

A match between Boston, who won 3 in a row, and New York, who won 5 in a row. The team that laughed in the head-to-head matchup was New York.스포츠토토

Boston (44-18), which had lost 3 consecutive wins, lost the lead in the Eastern Conference to Milwaukee (43-17), which was on a 14-game winning streak, and fell to second place. New York (36-27) with 6 consecutive victories overtook Brooklyn (34-26) to become 5th. 

Boston, which had a thrilling come-from-behind victory over Philadelphia, was unable to continue its upward trend with the loss on the day. Jaylen Brown was absent, and ace Jayson Tatum, who only scored 14 points, was sent off due to accumulated technical fouls. Malcolm Brogdon struggled with 22 points, but could not prevent defeat.

New York led the team’s victory with Emmanuel Quickley and Julius Randle scoring 23 points. Mitchell Robinson had a double-double with 10 points and 13 rebounds.

Boston, which struggled from the beginning of the game, gave way to Randall and Brunson at the end of the first quarter, conceding one after another. New York, which gained momentum, drove Boston with Quikley and Josh Hart, the bench units in the second quarter. Boston, which had been pushed back by 20 points, finished the first half with Marcus Smart and Tatum putting out the fire, 46-60.

Even in the third quarter, the score gap hardly narrowed. Boston, which fired three-pointers one after another, entered a single-digit score gap with Brogdon at the fore, but New York immediately ran away with Quickly’s performance. Boston’s pursuit flow, which was hit by two 3-point shots by Quikley, was broken, and the third quarter ended with a score of 75-88.

There was no big crisis for New York in the fourth quarter either. Boston continued to press New York, but New York maintained their lead with Obitopin and Quikley doing their part. Boston was getting weaker as it failed to score extra points with every chance to bring the atmosphere.

In particular, the scene where Tatum’s 3-point shot turned away from the rim with 4 minutes left before the end, and Hart immediately succeeded in the outer gun, was decisive. Hart’s 3-point shot increased the gap between the two teams to 14 points, and Tatum was ejected for accumulated technical fouls, expressing dissatisfaction with the decision. Actually, the game is over here.

Boston, without an ace, had no room to pursue. New York continued to take a generous lead and solidified its victory effortlessly.

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