‘Strongest’ Shin Jin-seo, ‘shock plaque’ to mid-sized knight Baek Hong-seok… Braking from a 29-game winning streak

Shin Jinseo (23), 9th Dan, the world’s strongest pro player, suffered an unexpected defeat.

Shin Jin-seo lost to Baek Hong-seok (36), 9th Dan in 187 moves in the round of 16 match of the 28th GS Caltex Cup held at the Go TV Studio in Majang-ro, Seongdong-gu on the 12th.

As a result, Shin Jin-seo was recently eliminated from the 29th consecutive win.

The GS Caltex Cup is the mechanism by which Shin Jin-seo won the championship for five consecutive years until last year.

Shin Jin-seo’s 29 consecutive wins is the fourth-highest record.

The record for the most consecutive wins in Korean Baduk history is 40, set by Kim In, 9th Dan, in 1968.

The 32 consecutive victories of Lee Se-dol, 9-dan in 2000, and the 30-game winning streak of Jo Hoon-hyeon, 9-dan in 1977, are ranked second and third.

Shin Jin-seo, who has been running at the top of the Korean rankings for 41 consecutive months, was hit by Baek Hong-seok, who was only 47th in the rankings.

Shin Jin-seo made loose moves in the battle at the beginning of the day, and his situation was at a disadvantage.

Shin Jin-seo jumped into the black jin in the center of the box rather forcefully to make up for his loss, but when he was caught by Baek Hong-seok’s skillful response, he threw a stone obediently.

Baek Hong-seok, a 23-year-old knight who made his professional debut in 2001, had his heyday about 10 years ago, winning the 4th BC Card World Go Championship in 2012.

Recently, he has met fans more often through TV commentary than in the game, but he has shown his strength by destroying the world’s strongest knight.토토사이트

Baek Hong-seok recorded 2 wins and 5 losses in his career against Shin Jin-seo.

After losing 5 games in a row in the beginning, it is 2 wins in a row following the 10th round of the Baduk League in January 2021.

Shin Jin-seo won 4 consecutive victories at the 1st Ranker Cup held in China recently, advanced to the semifinals, and achieved 700 personal wins.

He ran on a winning streak without any roughness, but after returning home, he was hit by a veteran in his late thirties in his first match, and he had to regroup for a while.

Shin Jin-seo recorded a win rate of 92.16% with 47 wins and 4 losses this year, despite the loss that day, and continued the highest win rate ever.

On the other hand, Baek Hong-seok, who does not have many opportunities to compete, recorded 4 wins and 2 losses this year.

After the match, Baek Hong-seok said, “Shin Jin-seo (after returning to Korea) was in a very tired state, so I thought I’d bully him as much as possible, but the result is unbelievable.”

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