Sorry captain’ Hong Jung-ho, “Think of it as a crisis and save the winning DNA

We will overcome the crisis wisely and show Jeonbuk’s winning DNA again”. 

Jeonbuk Hyundai captain Hong Jeong-ho did not hide his determination to challenge the top of the K-League 1. He showed his will to lead new players and revive Jeonbuk’s winning DNA.

Hong Jeong-ho is sweating while participating in the Jeonbuk field training in Marbella, Spain. He said that he will show a different appearance in the new season because he did not live up to expectations last season due to an injury. 스포츠토토

Hong Jeong-ho said, “I was really sorry that I couldn’t contribute to his team because of the injury from the middle of last season. I was really frustrated because of the bad results. He was very considerate of the director, but I am really sorry. Also, he explained that he felt sorry for the entire team.”

“We are thoroughly preparing for this season as well. He is in good physical condition, but the director said he should prepare more thoroughly. When I started training in Barcelona, ​​I managed it thoroughly. He came to a warm place and joined the team in training,” he explained.

Last season, not only Hong Jeong-ho himself, but also his team were in a disappointing situation. So, this season is even more determined.

Hong Jeong-ho said, “Other players suffered a lot when I was injured. This season, the squad has been rejuvenated. Because it is a claim, the responsibility is greater. It can be a chaotic atmosphere, but everyone is adapting quickly. It is important to plant the DNA unique to Jeonbuk. Fortunately, the players of the same age are getting along well without any awkwardness. That’s why the coach is playing football differently than before. You want to press hard. Injecting players. Everyone is working hard to show the original appearance of Jeonbuk.”

Hong Jeong-ho, who has a serious personality, explained that this season could be a real crisis. Although he won the FA Cup last year, the burden increased as he missed the K-League 1 championship.

Hong Jeong-ho said, “If we do not reach the top this season, we may lose the winning DNA of Jeonbuk that we have built up over the years. Fortunately, the new players are also excellent players. (Lee) Dong-jun, (Jeong) Tae-wook, and (Kim) Geon-woong are also adapting well. What’s really positive is that you’re quickly accepting the atmosphere of our team. If the new players are well integrated into the team, it can definitely change. That is our goal for this season and what we have to do.”

“I am not in a bad state right now. I really want to go to the opening game. Participation in the game is decided by the coach, but I am preparing well,” he said. “The top priority is to spend a season without injuries. Then you can win too. We need to build a team that will not be shaken by centering in Jeonbuk, which is rejuvenated. I am only thinking about that,” he promised.

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