Son of the left and son-in-law on the right’ WBC hero ‘Son of the Wind’ goes to Tokyo Dome WBC after 17 years

Son of the Wind’ LG coach Lee Jong-beom is going to the Tokyo Dome, Japan, where he made a moment of glory 17 years ago. He wears the Taegeuk logo and watches his son and son-in-law play for the national team. 

Coach Lee Jong-beom, who was the hero of the 1st World Baseball Classic (WBC) in 2006, will compete in the 4th WBC tournament held in Tokyo Dome, Japan for the first time in 17 years. In order to relay the tournament as a commentator at LG Coach for a while. 메이저놀이터

According to officials from the broadcasting industry and LG club, coach Lee Jong-beom will be on-site as a special commentator for a broadcasting company in the WBC round 1 and quarterfinal tournaments to be held in Tokyo Dome, Japan in March. He received permission from the LG club.

In the 2006 2006 1st round match against Japan in the 2nd round, coach Lee Jong-beom hit a 1 RBI double through the middle left in the 8th inning when the score was tied 0-0. He was tagged out at the third base after passing the second base after hitting the first time hit, but the ‘hurrah ceremony’ with his arms wide open while running base is still talked about.

It has a special meaning for coach Lee Jong-beom, who has been able to intuit the WBC to be held at Tokyo Dome after 17 years. This is because his son Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) and his son-in-law Go Woo-seok (LG) are selected as national representatives to participate in this tournament.

In 2006, Lee Jung-hoo, who was in the second grade of elementary school at the time, has now grown into a superstar representing the KBO League. The father-son relationship between Lee Jong-beom and Lee Jeong-hoo is moving from ‘Lee Jong-beom’s son’ to ‘Lee Jung-hoo’s father’.

Lee Jung-hoo, who was in the second grade of elementary school at the time, witnessed the performance of his father, coach Lee Jong-beom, with his mother. Lee Jung-hoo, who we met at the US spring camp, said, “I remember his father’s hitting scene. By the way, his father hit the right time, but it doesn’t seem like he held a ceremony before the play was over. I will hold a ceremony after the play is over,” he said with a laugh.

Ko Woo-seok married coach Lee Jong-beom’s daughter (Lee Jung-hoo’s younger brother) in early January. Lee Jung-hoo and her high school classmate Go Woo-seok naturally became friends with Lee Jung-hoo’s younger sister and became her husband and wife. Became a family of baseball players.

Meanwhile, 6 players from LG, including Ko Woo-seok, Jung Woo-young, Kim Yun-shik, Kim Hyun-soo, Oh Ji-hwan and Park Hae-min, will participate in the WBC national team. Coach Kim Min-ho will go out as a coaching staff. Coach Lee Jong-beom joined the tournament as a commentator, increasing the number to eight.

Coach Min-ho Kim and his players will train at the Scottsdale Camp in the US until the 13th and move to Tucson on the 14th to participate in the national team camp training. Coach Lee Jong-beom returned home from camp in early March and will go to Japan in time for the first round of the WBC, which starts on March 9th.

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