Son Heung-min makes surprise appearance in his hometown of Chuncheon…”Have fun playing football”

English professional footballer Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspur made a surprise visit to his hometown of Chuncheon ahead of his national team call-up next week.

He warmly encouraged the players in a youth football tournament named after him.

Reporter Kim Moon-young reports.토토사이트

A football field in Chuncheon is in full swing.

Son Heung-min appears among the coaching staff on the home team’s sidelines.

He watches the young players play with a serious look in his eyes.

This is the second year that an international youth friendly football tournament has been named after Son.

Last year, a congratulatory video was used, but this year, he took time out of his break to visit his hometown of Chuncheon.

The unannounced arrival of a world star is greeted with the excitement of a child.

[“Don’t go.”]

Son offers warm words of encouragement to the aspiring footballers.

[Son Heung-min/Tottenham/Chuncheon: “Tomorrow? I don’t know, don’t get hurt and always have fun playing football, okay?”]

It was a short meeting, lasting less than 30 minutes, but it was a great gift for football fans.

[Shim Hye-jin/Jeonggye-dong, Chuncheon : “I didn’t know if he would come or not, so I thought he wouldn’t come, but he came, so I think the kids loved it and the citizens loved it too.”]

Youth aspirants vow to become players like Son Heung-min.

[Lee Tae-hoon/football tournament participant: “Because Heung-min is watching my game, I want to play harder and look better.”]

The city of Chuncheon is marketing Son Heung-min as a world-class player, and is also considering systematic support from youth football to professional football.

I’m Kim Moon-young, KBS News.

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