Sixth Man’ Lee Doo-won, what I see from the bench is Ha Yoon-gi’s play

“Ha Yoon-gi hyung is doing the best on the team and setting the best example. He experiences it just by looking at it.”

Lee Doo-won, 스포츠토토 who was nominated by Suwon KT as the 2nd pick in the KBL rookie draft last year, shows off his presence by receiving opportunities to participate little by little. In the match against Seoul SK on the 14th, he raised 10 points, double digits for the first time since his debut.

On the 18th, I talked with Lee Doo-won for a while before the match against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium.

When Lee Doo-won said that he was stepping on the court little by little, he said, “I am very nervous, and as much as I am very nervous, I have regrets after playing one game after another, so I control my mind so that I do not do the parts I regret in the next game.” It is important to build up, and accept the experience positively in order to go to the good side. I think I need more trials to become a better player. I try to do my best in every game, and only then can I improve,” he told me with what kind of mind he went on the court.

It sounded awkward that Lee Doo-won was nervous.

Lee Doo-won said, “It’s awkward because I have little experience playing as a sixth man.” I haven’t been given many things, so it would be nice to increase the parts that the team has to do one by one.”

Lee Doo-won came on as a substitute in all matches. He watches the game from the bench and then enters the court.

When asked what he was watching from the bench, Lee Doo-won said, “On the team, Yoongi-hyung is doing the best and setting the best example. Watching Yoongi-hyung play well from the outside, I think I can do this when defending that player, this way when defending this player, and if I can’t defend, I think about why it didn’t work. He experiences it just by looking,’ he said. That’s how some games went well.”

Ha Yun-ki has been practicing his mid-range shooting since last offseason and puts it to good use. Lee Doo-won’s shot distance was longer than Ha Yoon-gi’s since college days.

Lee Doo-won said, “My first strength is height, so I have an advantage in the inside first, and I have to shoot to go inside, so I practice shooting a lot.” I can throw more than college, and I have a chance to widen the range of offense. I have to practice well and show it on the court.”

Lee Doo-won said that a better player can only be made through hardships. However, due to an injury in college, I rarely played on the court.

Lee Doo-won, who has already gone through a lot of trials, said, “There will be trials to go through here, but I don’t care if I’m a sixth man or if I don’t play a lot. The people who support me cheer me on even if I run every minute or a second, so I have the mindset of a pro.” It comes first,” he said with a mature mindset.

Lee Doo-won played 8 minutes and 33 seconds in the confrontation with Hyundai Mobis that day, recording 6 points, 1 assist and 1 steal. The score was a jumper and a pivot followed by a goal under the goal and a dunk. In a short period of time, he showed a play that would be coveted by any team lacking a big man.

After the match, KT coach Seo Dong-cheol also praised Lee Doo-won, saying, “It is an achievement that Lee Doo-won did his part well while Ha Yoon-gi was resting.”

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