Shindig’s third attempt at winning the title… Who’s up next?

With the 28th edition of the LG Ship Chosun Kiwangjeon coming up next week, the question of who will be the first opponent for world number one Shin Shin-seo (23) is becoming increasingly important. That’s because there’s a very high probability that you’ll meet your ‘main enemy’, the Chinese knight, and get a luxury card with special meaning. The first round of this year’s LG Cup will be held at Gonjiam Resort in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, with the opening ceremony (28th) followed by the round of 24 (29th) and round of 16 (31st).

The nationality distribution of the 24 players is 12 from South Korea, 8 from China, 3 from Japan, and 1 from Taiwan. Of these, eight players (Korea 4, China 3, Japan 1), including Shin Shin-seo, are seeded and will advance directly to the second round (Round of 16). With the rules requiring a new draw each round to avoid matchups between compatriots as much as possible, Shin will likely face a Chinese player in the first round.

If Shin meets Curze, 26, it will be a one-man showdown between the two countries. Despite his ups and downs in recent months, he remains the face of mainland China. Last year, there was even talk of a No. 10 match with Shin Dong-seo. Shin has won four in a row since winning the 26th LG Bae, but he still trails in the head-to-head matchup 9-11.

If Chinese No. 4 Gu Zhihao, 25, is named as Shin’s partner, it will be a rehearsal for the third round of the inaugural Lanker Cup Finals in Quzhou, China, in the middle of next month. Although Shin is 6-4, including a recent three-game winning streak, this is not an easy matchup.

It could be the first time a reigning world champion has faced off against a Chinese knight. If Ding Hao (23), born in 2000, is selected as Shin’s partner for the round of 16, it will set up a golden showdown between the defending champions from Samsung and LG. For China’s No. 5 Ding Hao, it’s a chance to avenge his loss in the round of 16 at the Lanker Cup. Xin Xin leads the series 6-3.

China’s No. 2 Mi Yuting, 27, will be Xin Xin’s partner in the round of 16, which will also feature a matchup of active major world champions. Mi Yuting is the defending champion. In their head-to-head record, Shin leads 10-5, including three straight wins, including a quarterfinal victory at last year’s LG Cup.

There are also a number of knights to whom Shin Shin-seo owes a ‘debt’. Shin Shin-seo’s dreams of unifying the world were dashed late last year when he lost to China’s No. 3 Li Xuanhao (28) in the 13th Chunlan and No. 6 Yang Dingxin (25) in the 27th LG, respectively. Both games were semi-finals, and the outcome was a complete defeat for Shin Dong-seo, which shocked many fans. The ‘Revenge Match’ is always a hotly anticipated event.

In addition, there is also the possibility of a first official match against Wang Xinghao (19), a rookie who suffered an embarrassing 1-2 loss to Shin in the final of an international internet competition. A rematch with Li Weiqing (23), who pushed Shin to the brink of defeat in the quarterfinals of the Lanker Cup, would be a big deal. With two LG Cup titles (24-26) under his belt, Shin is now the world’s No. 1 player and has become the “Hand of Midas,” turning into a golden card for anyone he meets.스포츠토토

South Korea’s second-ranked Park Jung-hwan (30) and China’s top-ranked Kurze could meet in the round of 16 for a place in the quarterfinals. The two are the most fierce adversaries in the history of world go after Lee Sedol and Lee Gury. They have played a whopping 30 games, with Park narrowly leading with 16 wins and 14 losses. There will also be a hotly contested battle when South Korea’s third-ranked Byun Sang-il (26) takes on Li Xuanhao in July for the title of the 14th Chun Lan Bae.

There are many other upsets to come in the early stages of the tournament. There’s plenty of room for unexpected upsets and new legends to emerge. The LG vs. Chosun Ilbo Kiwangjeon, which carries a prize pool of 300 million won, has been evenly matched between Korea and China with 12 wins apiece so far.

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