Shin Jin-seo, ‘700 wins in total’, advances to the final of the Ranker Cup… Championship Clash with Gu Zihao

Jinseo Shin (23), 9th Dan, the world’s strongest Go player, challenges to win the 5th major world championship in his personal career.

Shin Jin-seo succeeded in advancing to the final by winning the black Buddha victory in 203 moves against China’s Tan Shao 9-dan in the quarterfinals of the 1st Quzhou Lanke Cup World Go Open held in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 9th.

Shin Jin-seo, who achieved 700 personal wins with the victory on this day, recently set a new record for the most consecutive wins by running 29 consecutive wins.

Shin Jin-seo, who had been black for four consecutive rounds since the round of 32, was ahead of Tan Sao from the beginning.

Shin Jin-seo, who entered the middle and established a clear advantage, won a complete victory without giving any room for pursuit.토토사이트

After the match, Shin Jin-seo said, “Today worked out well in the beginning, so it was okay overall.”

Gun-ho Park, 9th Dan, who also competed in the semifinals that day, was defeated by China’s Gu Zhihao, 9th Dan, in 271 moves.

Park Geon-ho was slightly ahead until the end, but he made a mistake in the finishing stage and unfortunately lost.

Accordingly, Shin Jin-seo and Gu Zi-hao will face each other in the third round of the Ranker Cup final, which will be held from June 14 to 17.

In terms of overall opponents, Shin Jin-seo is ahead with 6 wins and 4 losses, including the recent 3 wins in a row.

The prize money for the Ranker Cup winner is 1.8 million yuan (approximately 345 million won), and the runner-up prize is 600,000 yuan (approximately 115 million won).

Applying Chinese Go rules, the bonus is 7 and a half, and the time limit is 5 countdowns of 1 minute in 2 hours each.

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