‘Season ends early’ Moon Dong-ju met ‘sweeper master’ Pedi… How, why, and what did they talk about?

Hanwha pitcher Moon Dong-ju (20), the ‘No. 1 Rookie of the Year’ who ended the season early, met NC’s top foreign player Erek Fedi (30).메이저사이트

Two players with quite a large age difference with no special close matches. Why and what did we talk about?

The meeting between the two players took place on the evening of the 14th, a day before the three-game series between Changwon NC and Hanwha from the 15th to the 17th of last month. At the request of Moon Dong-ju, who arrived in Changwon in advance, a Hanwha official and a Peddie agent arranged a meeting.

It is known that the two players had dinner together and talked a lot. This meeting, which occurred about a month ago, quickly became known to fans through the personal SNS of former Hanwha pitcher and baseball docent Kim Jin-young.
I was curious why and what we talked about.

We answered our questions through an interview with Eric Peddie, who had some free time ahead of the Changwon Lotte game on the 8th.

When asked about his meeting with Moon Dong-ju, Peddie said, “It was a long time ago.” “He was a strong-willed young man who wanted to learn baseball. He talked a lot about baseball, and I was surprised that he spoke English so well,” he said. English skills sufficient to converse without an interpreter. Peddie testified about Moon Dong-joo’s English skills, saying, “The agent had been an interpreter in the past, so we talked together, but Moon Dong-ju spoke English so well that there was no major problem in communication.”
A meeting that took place at the request of Moon Dong-ju.

Peddie, who had an open mind, readily agreed. However, because he respects Korean culture, he did not forget to check with his NC team.

This was because the American culture of discussing and talking about baseball without hesitation with players from other teams may be different from the KBO culture, which is closed with 10 teams. In particular, pitchers from other teams are lining up to learn sweeper secrets from Peddie, the top player in the country.

Peddie recalled his own youth in his desire to learn from a young pitcher who would become a Korean baseball ace.

“I also asked as many questions as possible to my seniors, including Stephen Strasberg, Max Scherzer, and Gio Gonzalez. As I have learned a lot from my seniors, I want to give back as much as I received here, so I am answering all the questions sincerely,” he said.

Players who may be potential competitors. He has a big, big man mentality. He explained the big picture, saying, “I am sharing this with the hope that each player will become the best in his or her position while playing baseball, and if the parts I have passed down come from Dong-ju Moon, the league will grow that much and baseball will become more interesting.”

“I don’t remember exactly because there was a lot of conversation, but I tried to share as much of the experience and knowledge I had during my 10 years in the United States as possible. Moon Dong-ju also asked a lot of questions. I asked a lot about the major leagues, but there were a lot of questions about pitching in general.” He explained.

Dong-ju Moon is a fireballer who throws a league-leading four-seam fastball with an average speed of over 151 km. Here, the curves with large drops are excellent. If Peddy’s sweeper is added to his third pitch, the slider, he can grow into a world-class pitcher reminiscent of Ohtani. A young pitcher who dreams of growing into a pitcher who dominates the world stage beyond Korea. The meeting with Peddie, a sweeper master and great man, will serve as a foundation for the future growth of the best pitcher representing Korea.

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