Samsung’s Koo Ja-wook pointed out KIA Sanchez’s pitching posture and then made his first personal full run

Koo Ja-wook (Samsung Lions) hit a home run for the first time in his personal career.

Koo Ja-wook kicked up Mario Sanchez’s change-up and hit the bases over the right wall in the bottom of the 3rd inning against the professional baseball KIA Tigers at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 19th, 0-0.메이저사이트

He marked his 131st career home run with his first grand total.

Ja-wook Koo also continued his home run streak in the last three games.

There was also an unfamiliar scene where the umpire explained the ‘pitching rules’ to Sanchez right before Ja-wook Koo’s home run.

In the third inning, with one out, first and second bases, Sanchez threw a ball that hit Seong-yoon Kim, causing the bases loaded crisis.

At this time, Ja-wook Koo protested to the referees about Sanchez’ pitching motion, and the assistant referee Lee Min-ho and third base umpire approached Sanchez and had a conversation.

Sanchez has been criticized several times for ‘double kicking’ and ‘pitching between windup and set position’.

Referee Lee Min-ho took the microphone and said, “Sanchez said that there are areas that are allowed in the major leagues. However, in the KBO League, if the windup and set position are not clearly distinguished in a single pitching motion, a balk is declared. I informed Sanchez of this.” he explained.

In fact, the KBO league tends to observe pitching motions such as double kicking more strictly than the major leagues.

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