Reversal loss minimum→maximum…what shook LG’s ‘back heart’

Professional baseball LG has been at the forefront since the opening, but it also leaves some regrets. Several reasons have been discussed, but the increasing number of come-from-behind losses seems to be one of them.

LG finished last year’s regular season in 2nd place (87 wins, 2 draws, 55 losses), but its performance was smaller than SSG, the champion. I played a game close to counting. For example, only 21 come-from-behind losses in the entire season were the fewest among the 10 clubs.

This season, as of the 1st, LG has recorded 8 reverse defeats. Most of the 10 teams. Considering that the team with the next most reverse defeats was the lowest-ranking Hanwha (7 losses), this is an unfamiliar indicator for LG.

There are aspects that are difficult to intuitively explain with the detailed indicators that have been revealed.

LG ranked 1st in team batting average (0.299) and 1st in team OPS (0.797), and the batting index after the 7th inning was also very good. The 7th to 9th team batting average recorded 0.301, while the 7th to 9th team OPS reached a whopping 0.852.

After the opening, there were ups and downs in the bullpen due to the absence of finisher Ko Woo-seok, but the mound indicators in the second half of the game were not bad. The 7th to 9th batting average was 0.247, 4th, and the blood OPS was 0.678, 3rd. At least, the pitching index in the second half of the game was the best in the league.

However, come-from-behind losses are not calculated only by changes in the situation in the second half of the game. If you lead in the beginning and give up the lead in the middle of the game and fail to turn it over again, that will be a come-from-behind loss as well. It is still early in the season, so the sample is small. However, LG took the lead until the 5th inning, and the win rate of the game was 0.733 (11 wins and 4 losses), which was the lowest overall. Considering that the game that took the lead until the 7th inning was close to the league average with a win rate of 0.929 (13 wins and 1 loss), it can be interpreted that LG showed weakness in the transition from starting pitcher to 2nd or 3rd pitcher.

There are also other hints. LG has a lot of side effects this season. During the month of April, it was 21, the second most after KIA (22). However, in the second half of the game, there were a lot of double hits. In the 7th to 9th innings, there were 8 double hits, the most among the 10 clubs. Even after creating a chance, there were many cases where the flow was cut off by itself. It was also a lot of come-from-behind wins with 6 wins (3rd place), but there were more losses than gains in the game of giving and receiving the lead. 스포츠토토

A bit more noteworthy is the mistake. LG has been a team with very few mistakes in recent years. Last year, he finished the season with the fewest errors (76), but this year he spent April with the most errors (30). In the 15 games won, there were 13 errors at 0.87 per game, but in the 11 games lost, there were 17 errors at 1.55 per game. It is an indicator that seems to be a little more closely related.

However, looking at ‘running baseball’, which has become an issue after the opening, the stolen base success rate in 11 lost games was 64.7% (11 successes, 6 failures), higher than the average of the entire team (60.9%). The correlation with stealing results appears to be relatively small.

It’s still early in the season. It is difficult to predict where LG Baseball will go this year and how far it will run. However, at least in order to fly high, it seems that the number of come-from-behind losses at the current pace will be reduced. It is one of LG’s homework that is hidden as if it were revealed.

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