Reasons for retaining managerial position revealed by Popovich

The San Antonio Spurs maintain unfailingly the best leadership in club history.

According to ESPN’s Tim Burn Thames, San Antonio manager Greg Popovich has revealed his reason for staying in the current position, not retiring.메이저사이트

He, who showed off his best interview skills on earth, gave a positive answer to the world about continuing his managerial position without fail. Many basketball fans, including San Antonio, will be able to see his very excellent speech for up to five years, including the upcoming 2023-2024 season. 

Popovich’s contract expired at the end of last season. However, he will remain as San Antonio manager as he signed a whopping five-year contract this summer. Remaining as the head coach, he will serve as San Antonio’s command tower until the 2027-2028 season. Even last season, he seemed to have little interest (?) in maintaining the managerial position, but with this contract renewal, he has remained as an on-site leader without fail.

When asked about his retention, coach Popovich left an answer like that. He said, “It is money,” and revealed that it was for financial reasons (?). Although it is difficult to grasp how bright and cynical the answer was in the world, as when the former reporter Craig Sager asked, I guess, this time, he gave a realistic answer as if he was asking why.

Director Popovich then emphasized joy. He unmistakably revealed that he is a heavenly leader, saying, “It’s about continuing to compete at the highest level and watching the players grow and develop.” San Antonio got the first pick in the first round in the last draft. As expected, he nominated Victor Wembenyama. After Tim Duncan, he again brought in a first-choice player and secured the right stone to strengthen.

As San Antonio won the first pick, attention was drawn to whether Popovich would remain as manager. Or, if he did not carry out the director’s job, he could have continued to manage the club while maintaining the president’s position. However, as much as Popovich considers coaching to be his vocation, he shared his impressions of his coaching job with cynical humor, saying it was because of money.

On the other hand, he is the leader with the most victories in the regular season all-time. During this contract period, it seems possible for him to reach 1,500 regular season wins for the first time ever. Coach Popovich boasts a win rate of over 64% with 1,366 wins and 761 losses in 2,127 regular season games during his 27 seasons in the big leagues, and a win rate approaching 60% with 170 wins and 112 losses in 284 games in the playoffs. . 

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