‘Ras and Lee Seung-woo return’ Suwon FC, Gangwon starting lineup revealed

Recently, news like sweet rain was delivered to Suwon FC, which suffered from a series of injuries to the attacking team. Lars, the main gun, starts, and Lee Seung-woo, Lee Kwang-hyuk, and Luan wait on the bench for a sortie.

Suwon FC and Gangwon FC will face off in the 11th round of the Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 held at Suwon Sports Complex at 4:30 pm on the 6th.

It is a match between Suwon FC in 8th place and Gangwon in 10th place. Depending on the results of the day, the ranking may be overturned.카지노사이트

For the home team Suwon, Jang Jae-woong, Jeong Jae-yoon, Lars, Yoon Bit-garam, Murillo, Park Joo-ho, Shinsegae, Hwang Soon-min, Jackson, and Jeong Dong-ho will start. The goalkeeper’s gloves were worn by labor guns.

Gangwon, the away team, will start with Moonki Hwang, Hyeonjun Yang, Daewon Kim, Seungyong Jung, Young Hankuk, Minwoo Seo, Insu Yoo, Seokyoung Yoon, Unghee Lee, and Youngbin Kim. Today’s goal is Lee Kwang-yeon.

In Suwon FC, which has been struggling with recent injuries, a large number of main players have been listed on the list. In particular, Lars is the starter on this day, and Lee Seung-woo, Lee Kwang-hyuk, and Luan are waiting for a sortie.

Gangwon, ahead of the league’s second consecutive away game, will start Kim Dae-won and Yang Hyun-jun. In particular, attention is drawn to whether Yang Hyeon-joon, whose performance has recently risen, will be able to achieve attack points in three consecutive games. Kim Dae-won, who scored a goal during the season in the FA Cup during the week, is also challenging for the first goal in the league. 

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