Put the AL home run king to rest and go to the ML, because Ryu Hyun-jin’s changeup dances again

Ttoronto Blue Jays pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin revealed the possibility of a successful rehabilitation and a long run in the major leagues.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who is recovering in the minor leagues, started on the 22nd (Korean time) in a triple-A game against the Syracuse Mets affiliated with the New York Mets held at the NBT Bank Stadium in Syracuse, New York, USA. It was Ryu Hyun-jin’s fourth rehabilitation appearance after undergoing elbow ligament reconstruction surgery in June of last year.바카라사이트

Ryu Hyun-jin, who recorded 12 innings, 10 hits (1 home run), 11 strikeouts, no 4 walks and 2 runs in 3 rehabilitation appearances in the Rookie League, Single A, and Triple A, finished his 4 scheduled rehabilitation appearances with 3 hits (2 homers), 5 strikeouts, 2 runs in 6 innings that day. According to local media, Ryu Hyun-jin will join the team’s away road to play against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 25th and discuss the timing of his appearance in earnest.

Except for three players (Ronny Mauricio, Luke Ritter, Nick Mayer), the starting lineup for Syracuse on the 22nd is all hitters with major league experience. Mauricio, who is listed on the 40-man roster along with Danny Mendyk, is a promising switch hitter who has no major league experience but is recognized for his hitting ability.

In particular, Luke Voit, a slugger who played in 508 major league games and exceeded 20 homers in 2019-2020 and 2022, was on the 3rd. Voight started to go downhill after a last-minute knee injury in 2021, but even during the shortened season in 2020 when he was with the New York Yankees, he won the American League home run king with 22 home runs in 56 games. Jose Feraza, who played in 618 major league games, is also a target of caution. Triple A showed that it was no longer a condition check, but a real battle.

▲Luke Voit (right) and Ha-seong Kim during his time with the San Diego Padres.

Although Ryu Hyun-jin scored a solo shot from Jonathan Araus and Peraza in the 5th inning when he was leading 2-0, he filled the 6th inning for the first time and threw 85 pitches, unlike the previous appearance (16th) when he threw 66 pitches, showing his qualifications to return as a starting pitcher. For the first time during his rehabilitation, he exceeded 90 mph and recorded 90.8 mph (approximately 146 km).

Ryu Hyun-jin, in particular, put Voit to sleep with no hits in three at-bats, including one strikeout on a swing. In particular, after two outs in the bottom of the 6th inning, Ryu Hyun-jin, who walked Mauricio for the first time in 63 batters in total, threw only a changeup and cutter against the next hitter, Voit, striking out on a swing and finishing the mound. All three of his strikes were misses on his changeup. On this day, Ryu Hyun-jin threw 39 fastballs, 23 changeups, 13 cutters and 10 curveballs.

Even before elbow surgery, Ryu Hyun-jin’s secret to surviving in the major leagues with an average fastball of 90 mph was his changeup. Ryu Hyun-jin’s fastball is not fast, but his changeup of around 80 mph and the curve in the early 70s have a big difference in velocity from his fastball, but he accurately enters the sharp course, so his fastball is strong, and he induces batters to swing with a breaking ball.

A reporter in charge of the official website of Major League Baseball also paid attention to his changeup. Reporter Kidon Matheson said after the game on the 22nd, “Hyun-jin Ryu’s ideal speed is 1-2 miles higher than now”, but “Hyun-jin Ryu’s change-up led to miss swings 7 times out of 15 swings (including miss swings, fly balls, ground balls, hits and fouls). His most important pitching sense has returned.”

However, given that the two home runs on this day were fastballs close to 90 miles, it is necessary to point out the importance of control once again. Now, we have to watch the recovery of physical strength after the 85th ball, but we can see Ryu Hyun-jin wearing the Toronto uniform again in three consecutive home matches against the Los Angeles Angels on the 29th and 31st of next week at the earliest.

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