Prosecution appeals acquittal of baseball player Lee Young-ha for ‘abuse’ “factual error and legal error”

Doosan Bears pitcher Lee Young-ha (26), who went on trial for allegedly committing school violence (bullying) when he was a high school student, was acquitted in the first trial, and the prosecution has appealed.메이저놀이터

The Seoul West District Prosecutors’ Office said on 5 May that it had filed an appeal citing factual errors and misunderstanding of the law.

Lee was accused of committing special assault on the victim, A, a year his junior, in 2015 when he was a student at Sunlin Internet High School, by forcing her to put her finger into an electric fly swatter and slapping her when she refused, causing her to be electrocuted.

He is also accused of forcing juniors to clean their dormitories and do their laundry, singing sexually humiliating songs and dances during a training camp in Taiwan, and beating them on the head if they refused.

The first instance court acquitted Lee of special assault, coercion and racketeering at a sentencing hearing on 31 March.

“Although the victim stated that he was harassed in front of other members of the baseball team, there were many parts of the investigation where the victim’s statement was contradicted by objective evidence or the statements of other members of the baseball team,” the court said, explaining that the evidence was insufficient to prove the charges.

The prosecution said it appealed the first instance ruling on the grounds that the victim’s statement was specific and consistent, that there were eyewitness accounts consistent with it, and that the evidence, taken together, showed that Lee was not at the scene of the crime as he claimed.

Lee has appeared in court six times since his first trial on 21 September last year and has consistently maintained his innocence. Prosecutors sought two years in prison at the concluding hearing, but Lee was acquitted.

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